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Crayola Color Names

Do You Know All 64 Crayola Crayon Color Names?

Read Time: 2 min I named all 64 Crayola crayon colors correctly. Can you?Okay, so maybe it did take me three tries before I got all 64 but the first two times I made silly mistakes and got 4 and two wrong on each respective try.I really do know that the new pink is named “famous” and not “celebrity” […]

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Blue Lizard Bottle Helps You From Turning Red

Read Time: < 1 minute There has been a great deal of buzz about Blue Lizard sunscreen. Parents, dermatologists, and lifeguards are among those singing praises for everything from its kid-friendly ingredients to its smooth application to its effectiveness in protecting against the harmful rays of the sun.While I, too, think it’s a great product, simply having “blue” in the […]

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Yves Klein Blue: A Color With a Patented Process

Read Time: 3 min To produce a TRUE International Klein Blue, the specific process of dry pigments and synthetic resin must be followed. The majority of manufacturers today use Yves Klein Blue as a color direction and then match it as best they can with their own processes and therefore are not really true patented Yves Klein Blue.

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T-Mobile Magenta Trademark Color

Read Time: < 1 minute I bet you recognize the bold pink “T” as the symbol for T-Mobile. It stands out both because it is a single letter “word” and the unexpected T-Mobile magenta and the company wants to keep it that way.

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On Trend In One Industry, Outdated Color In Another

Read Time: < 1 minute Just as Apple releases orange as their latest and greatest color addition, folks in Wales see it as outdated.Cardiff Bus, the dominant bus operator in the Welsh capital Cardiff and the surrounding area, will scrap its orange brand buses when it phases out the last vehicles in the summer, in favor of environmentally friendly, low-floor […]

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Color Names Communicate Calm…Not!

Read Time: 2 min You may not be aware that color names communicate a message, but they do. Color names change how we perceive a product making it essential that the descriptive color names match the aspirations a person has for purchasing a product. Here is what happens when they don’t.

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