Think yellow and what comes to mind?

Sunshine? Yes.

Lemons? Sure.

Flowers? Yup.

Cell phone service? Huh?


Okay, well maybe not, but Sprint would like to change that. Sprint yellow has been claimed as the color they think will allow their brand to stand out in the crowded telecommunications space and they are working hard so that when you think “yellow” you think Sprint yellow.

According to hansstol.totaldesign the Sprint logo was designed in 2005 by Lippincott Mercer. The colors are yellow (Pantone 7405) and black. Sprint uses the typeface TheSans.

In a series of TV ads beginning in January for the wireless communications company, the screen is an attention getting rectangle of bright yellow. So move over red, make way orange, you too fuschia…yellow is elbowing its way into the party.

Will Sprint yellow win a trademark? Only time and lots of marketing dollars will tell.

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