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As you search for the perfect color consultant or corporate spokesperson, you may find others recognized for their knowledge of color. What you won't find is anyone with the unique experience and proven track record that I have to capture the attention of your customers and turn them into buyers.

With a conversational style, I tell an informative, entertaining story that shows your product or service as precisely the solution your customer is seeking. Wouldn't your company benefit from my unique ability to engage customers and get them interested in your products or services? Talking about color never feels like a sales pitch, yet I can seamlessly move them towards a purchasing decision.

Kate Smith standing in front of china Benjamin Moore event billboard

Don't just take my word for it. If you asked my current clients why they are so happy to work with me, one or more of these four reasons would be in their response:

  • Our customers see how our product or service could improve their life and home.
  • Customers gain the substantial justification they are seeking to make a purchase confidently.
  • Customers find the information helpful and feel good about their decision.
  • Sales results exceeded our expectations.

However, it takes more than well-organized ideas and a proven system to be successful. It requires a person who is authentic, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in the people she's speaking to whether in person, on-air, or print. While my expertise and credentials can attract an audience, it is my genuine caring and ability to connect with each individual that produces the real results. Being seen as both credible and caring is what enables me to turn a person from being interested in what you offer to someone who takes action.

The good news is that I do care and being able to share my knowledge of color with others is one of the things I enjoy most. Another of my professional pleasures is working with clients that view our relationship as a mutually beneficial partnership. I will go the extra mile for your success and am always thrilled to have you promote and support me in return.

Let's talk. I am happy to answer any questions you have about how my expertise and experience can help you meet your business goals. Contact me by email or phone now.

Select Clients

These are some of the wonderful companies who have recently chosen to work with Kate Smith

DaVinci Roofscapes
JC Penney

Hirshfield's Paint & Decorating
Benjamin Moore
Artistic Tile

The Color Guild
Asian Paints
Basco Paints
T.J. Maxx / Marshalls