We've all experienced the problem. You put two socks in the washer yet only one comes out — leaving you with a bunch of mismatched colors and socks without mates. While the lone sock problem is a minor annoyance for most of us, for a group of folks in San Francisco, it has become a mission.

They set out to:

  • Solve the age-old problem of the disappearing sock,
  • Transform the sad sock into a necessary accessory,
  • Provide kids permission to express themselves, and
  • Allow girls a chance to be girls for as long as they want.

Achieving that mission took innovation, creativity, and color! Their company, Littlemissmatched, sells colorful patterned socks for children and adults. The socks are packaged in odd numbers and sold in mismatched colors and patterns.

Missmatched Color Wheel

Color consultant, Joann Eckstut, developed four unique color palettes for the company with each color palette different from the next and based on the "Missmatched Color Wheel" shown here.

Mismatched Colors, Patterns and Socks Are No Longer A Problem

Kooky Mismatched Colors

All about complementary colors. These colors sit opposite each other on the wheel.

Fabulous Mismatched Colors

All about monochromatic colors. These colors are different shades of the same color.

Marvelous Mismatched Colors

All about analogous colors. These colors sit next to each other on the color wheel.

Zany Mismatched Colors

All about the multi-color mix. These colors come from all around the wheel to make unique looks.

Color and ingenuity, plus a dash of fun, have solved the laundry day dilemma.

Matching is mundane, but mixing patterns and #colors is monumentally cool.

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Mismatched Colors and Patterns With a Clear Mission

LittleMissMatched started with a straightforward mission: Build a girls' Fun clothing brand, inspires Creativity, embraces individual Style, and Celebrates Self Expression.

In the LittleMissMatched World, matching is mundane, but mixing patterns and colors is monumentally cool. Our girls' clothing line started with colorful girls' socks sold in packs of three, and then we realized that there's a whole world of girls who share our passion for showing our creativity and self-expression through our clothes. We may have started with socks, but now the LittleMissMatched line includes bold girls' clothing and beauty accessories, colorful bedding, sporty arm and leg warmers, and awesome backpacks, handbags and slippers. Be brave and think outside the socks. Fashion is fun!


Today the LittleMissMatched brand, no longer just about socks, offers an entire range of products to give its customers more ways to find that joy every day.

LittleMissMatched is my kind of brand -- one that recognizes the joy that comes from expressing ourselves with color and creativity!

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