You may not be aware that color names communicate a message, but they do. Color names change how we perceive a product making it essential that the descriptive color names match the aspirations a person has for purchasing a product.

 Color names communicate the product message or promise and can be an essential part of its overall success.

Color names and the product promise must match. Here's what NOT to do when choosing #color names.

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Color Therapie is a wall light that emits color photons and aimed at creating the perfect environment for a peaceful mind.

According to Generate, who sell this illuminated product, "the peaceful aura provided by the play of colors and lights" is supposed to "reduces stress and tensions, thus uplifting your mood."

Each Color Therapie wall lamp comes with two interchangeable color acetates, but there was a disconnect between the product development team and whoever came up with the color names.

Calling the acetate colors Geisha, Lolita, Sun, Sex & Sea, Speed, and Tobacco sends a message that is fast, sexy, and daring. The feelings the color names communicate is directly the opposite of the goal of the product, which is calmness and serenity.

For this product to be a success, I recommend that Generate change the color names to words that connect a potential purchaser to the feelings of being relaxed and peaceful.

I know that the current names would keep me from connecting to this product. What do you think about the message the current color names communicate?

UPDATE: This product is no longer on the market. I rest my case.

Feature Image Credit: Sergei Akulich on Unsplash
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