There has been a great deal of buzz about Blue Lizard sunscreen. Parents, dermatologists, and lifeguards are among those singing praises for everything from its kid-friendly ingredients to its smooth application to its effectiveness in protecting against the harmful rays of the sun.

While I, too, think it's a great product, simply having "blue" in the name wouldn't prompt me to write about it. What caught my attention was the fact that it is packaged in a patented color change bottle. The Blue Lizard bottle turns blue in the presence of any harmful UV rays, providing a valuable sun damage warning.

The smart bottle technology serves as a great reminder to apply sunscreen, even when you're just going to be outside for a short time or when the sun doesn't seem very strong.

Not only do kids think it is neat to see the bottle change color, but it demonstrates to them when they need to apply sunscreen, which aids in the process of educating them about the importance of protecting their skin from the sun year round.

Blue Lizard's use of the color change bottle, not only as a point of differentiation, but also as a valuable aid for their customers, is a perfect example of how to use innovative technology.

Very well done!

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