In new construction when you see pink insulation, you think Owens Corning. They trademarked the color pink, did an excellent job of marketing their unique color, and each new building constructed temporarily becomes an advertisement for their product. Following their lead BluWood brand color teal blue is showing up in new building construction, especially in coastal areas.

BluWood is a treated wood used in the framing of residential or commercial buildings. According to the BluWood website, they “provide the building industry with a new level of defense. For above ground, covered structure wood framing components, BluWood protects against the harmful, damaging effects of mold fungus growth*; rot fungi and wood ingesting insects; as well as limiting moisture absorption, a necessary element for mold growth”.

Creating BluWood is a two-step treatment process. First, a substance is absorbed into the lumber to create a water repellent, semi-permeable film, which controls moisture absorption and allows the wood to breathe. The second step is the application of a preservative that protects against mold and insects such as carpenter ants and termites.

The BluWood brand color is not the natural color of the treatment products but rather a non-toxic dye that shows the coverage area of the treatment and makes BluWood easily identifiable even from a distance when being used on a construction site. Since teal blue is associated with water, it connects the moisture related qualities of the product in the minds of consumers.

If this trend continues in the building materials industry, new neighborhoods may be more colorful during construction than when completed.

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  • Bob Warner says:

    Well…..thanks for waiting until I’ve grown to old to continue building 😩. Look at all the problems that could have been prevented with such a useful product, except most of the insurance covered loss contractors would be out of business. Wonderful product, good job.

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