What a gorgeous birthstone color Aquamarine is. From the family of minerals called Beryl, it is one of the most stunning of earth's creations. Aquamarine literally translates to "sea water" and that is what comes to mind when you look into the depths of this gem.

Mauro Cateb [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Its lucid color is reminiscent of the clear turquoise water of the Caribbean Ocean. A close relative to emerald, it has a slight greenish tint mixed into the most beautiful transparent blue.

Mermaids wall mural by Dennis Poitras

Centuries-old tales tell the story of how this beautiful stone came out of the treasure chests of mermaids and was a sailors' good luck charm. Many superstitious seafaring men kept them under their pillows to protect them from shipwrecks and the hypnotic songs of the sirens.

A bride is like a mermaid, a lover calling to her sailor to abandon ship and join her in the sea. In many cultures, aquamarine is a gift given to brides to ensure a happy marriage. Since it is light blue, it can also serve as the "something blue" a bride traditionally wears on her wedding day.

Dreamy, spiritual and flowing the aquamarine is symbolic of true love. As the traditional gift given for the 19th wedding anniversary, it re-awakens love and deepens love.

Although the symbolism of the ocean is associated with aquamarines, the mines in Russia and Brazil are nowhere near the sea.

Lucky you if you were born in March! Complimentary to all skin types and admired around the world, aquamarine is a gem that everyone should have in their jewelry box.

Kimberlin Brown

I love the way aquamarine compliments pearls and turquoise. I took a mixture of loose faceted teardrops and strung them into pearl strands.

The result is a necklace crying out for a day near the sea in a white sun dress and a far cry from the December days in New York City with a wool scarf around my neck.

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Kimberlin Brown

When I wanted to explore birthstone color, I knew just who to call on to write these articles -- Kimberlin Brown. an amazing jeweler who is inspired by the beauty of flora, fauna and the ocean's seascapes. All of her collections are created by hand in her New York City studio. Take a moment to pop over to her website to see her latest work -- kimberlinbrownjewelry.com. Kimberlin shaped the articles and I added my color expertise. We hope you enjoy the results.

Feature Image Credit: Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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  • Kamil says:

    I would like to add some other interesting facts about March birthstone. From the astrological point of view, march birthstone aquamarine is assigned to the planet Neptune. Christians associate aquamarine with the apostle Thomas because Saint Thomas made a long voyage by sea.

    • Kate Smith says:

      Thanks for adding a few more tidbits of information about Aquamarine.

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