The French are glad to die for love
They delight in fighting duels
But I prefer a man who lives and gives
Expensive jewels
A kiss on the hand maybe quite continental
But diamonds are a girl's best friend

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend Songwriters: L. Robin / J. Styne

The April Birthstone Color is Colorless

The ultimate, it is rare and revered; close to perfection as a gem can be. April birthstone color is colorless, and their absence of color allows light to sparkle with a virtual rainbow of color.

After gazing into a diamond and experiencing its sparkling spectrum of light within, color, even without color, it is easy to see why this rock entrances us and has since man first laid eyes on it.

Mario Sarto [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Many facets set the diamond apart from the rest. The most obvious is its flash and fire. The ancient Hindus called them "Vajra," meaning lightning. In ancient Greece, the word invincible ā€“ "Adamas" described them correctly and is the root of the word we use today. The Greeks believed this gem came from the heavens as splinters of stars that fell to the Earth, tears of the Gods or crystallized lightening.

Oddly, in South America and Africa, diamonds have been found that landed on Earth from outer space! The extraterrestrial diamonds were possibly created in Super Novas and carried in asteroids that impacted the Earth some 3 billion years ago. Pretty mind-boggling, right? The diamonds the ancients Greeks discovered were created deep within the Earth.

Did you know that diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to man? Only another diamond can scratch a diamond. Due to its unmatched strength, it can be an abrasive material. For many centuries, diamonds have been an engraving tool for cameos, cutting stones and drilling pearls. I use diamond tipped drills often in my work. Without them, it would be impossible to drill other stones.

In 16th Century England uncut diamonds were set into scribbling rings. The exposed points were used by lovers to etch heartfelt vows into the window panes of their beloved.

Very romantic but, the association with diamonds and love dates back much further.

__ drz __ on Unsplash

The Trendsetter

In 1477 Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy as a promise for their future marriage. The trend began then and continues today.

Nine billion dollars of diamonds are sold each year, many ending up in engagement rings. The finger chosen for such a significant ring traces back to the belief that the Vena Amoris or vein of love, runs from the heart down to the tip of this finger.

Cupid, the notorious winged matchmaker, was no stranger to this stone and carried an arrow with a diamond-sharp tip.

White diamonds are the most popular, but they come in a variety of hues. Other elements trapped in diamonds like nitrogen and boron can cause diamonds to take on shades of yellow, brown, or black. One very rare diamond of an intense blue fetched 8 million dollars!

White diamonds are measured on a scale of diamond color from D to Z.  D is completely colorless while Z is heavily tinted with yellow.

If the yellow color inside the diamond is off the chart, it is no longer considered a tinted white diamond, but rather a yellow diamond.

Waerloeg [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Shown above is the Aurora Diamond Collection photographed under natural light. This is the set of 296 diamonds as exhibited in the Natural History Museum in London. It is the most comprehensive natural color diamond collection in the world. Did you have any idea there are so many colors of diamonds?

Jorfer [Public domain]ā€‹

These medium golden brown diamonds are on display at the National Museum of Natural History.

April Birthstone Color Chart

The chart above is an excellent graphical display of the variety of colors in which diamonds are found.

Diamond Buying

I don't want to get on my soapbox but, I purchasing diamonds is a sensitive issue. It is hard to know what the sale of these innocent beauties have supported. When you are looking to make that special purchase make sure the diamond originates from a conflict-free source. The easiest way is to look for a dealer who abides by the Kimberley Process, which prevents unethically mined diamonds from entering the mainstream market. 

News release by Rogers & Cowan talent agents [Public domain]

I have never hated a man enough to give him back his diamonds.

Zsa Zsa Gabor

I can't agree more. How about you?

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When I wanted to explore birthstone color, I knew just who to call on to write these articles -- Kimberlin Brown. an amazing jeweler who is inspired by the beauty of flora, fauna and the ocean's seascapes. All of her collections are created by hand in her New York City studio. Take a moment to pop over to her website to see her latest work -- Kimberlin shaped the articles and I added my color expertise. We hope you enjoy the results.

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