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  1. sadia farha says:

    Green colour is just awesome. Iam a great lover of green…I love grrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnn…..

  2. Every day I enjoy the myriad of greens in my moss garden. Even on cold winter days, the verdant appeal and vast variation of greens offer a sense of peace and serenity. As I write my book on moss gardening, I was curious about the attraction of the color green to others. Thanks for your insights. My motto: Go Green With Mosses!

    • Moss gardens do have a serenity that so many people find attractive. The peacefulness of green coupled with the soft texture and earthy scent of the moss satisfies our senses. Please let us know more about your book when it is available. ~Kate

  3. Green is also the main brand colour for SUSE.

  4. There is no more awesome of a color than green! Love every shade of green, some more than others! But nothing reminds me of the great out doors than green!! I could go on and on about how awesome the color green truly is!!! But that would take up too much room !! Let’s just say that when we move on to our next journey in life I believe we’re going to experience colors of green we can’t even imagine in our physical work!!!!

  5. NO disagreement there at all! nice article, but this contradicts what i ‘ve seen through a brodcast of the world’s strangest superstitions, where green color was reported to be kept out of English peoples’ diet, especially leafy greens such as lettuce. The green color is thought to make men infertile.

    • I have never heard this an see no research that would indicate it to be true. There are many superstitions related to color but this is not one that I am finding any historical references to. If you have other information please feel free to send my way.

  6. thewittykat says:

    whenever i see this color,im gonna calmed down.

  7. Very,Very interesting!

  8. I love green because it is green and its meaning

  9. Muhammed Zakariya Motara says:

    Muslim belive that the people of paradise will Weare green garments

  10. The_Stroy says:

    In brightest day, in blackness night
    No evil shall escape my sight
    Those who worship evil’s might
    Beware my power – Green Lantern’s Light!

  11. yes,green is every things in our life.

  12. l love green ……a lot…

  13. My soul mate bought me a beautiful green pendant from Poland, which I always wear. Sadly my soul mate died last week un-expectantly so this pendant means the world to me.

  14. I love this article! The color green has always brought me a sense of life, renewal, and prosperity. I’ve always kept a garden to keep me in good spirits, and I purposefully utilize green moss that I buy wholesale so I can have greenery as a foundation for all my lively plants!

  15. I wonder how ugly the earth would without colour green. Thankyou God for colour green in all its shades. Kenya.

  16. Swathi battula says:

    Green is evergreen colour….when I see the this color my mind gonna peacefulness…..

  17. Wanted to let you know that this article has been hacked. I unfortunately was using this for a research paper and the information on the color green is entirely gone! You probably weren’t even aware of this, so I wanted to let you know.

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