Title - Is There Any Truth Behind This Color Myth?

For years, there has been a myth that green M&Ms are an aphrodisiac. M&Ms played up on this myth in several of their commercials. In one of my favorites, a mother is speaking to her husband about her concern for a poster hanging in her son's room. The tone and words lead the audience to believe she is talking about a scantily-clad young, voluptuous woman.

The father replies, "Relax dear. It's what boys do!"

The camera then pans to reveal that their son's object of desire is Ms. green M&Ms, posing in all her glory with long lashes framing bedroom eyes and luscious lips.

To add to the humor, the commercial ends with mom opening the bedside table, where she discovers a drawer full of green M&Ms.

Are Green M&Ms an aphrodisiac? The truth behind the myth.

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A drawer full of green M&Ms in a teen boy's nightstand was how the Ms. green M&Ms character was introduced to the world in 1997 in an ad campaign titled, "What is it about the Green Ones?"

Green M&Ms - What Is It About The Green Ones Campaign

Some even call Green M&Ms the original Viagra

Are Green M&Ms An Aphrodisiac?

According to Snopes.com, The M&M Mars company routinely states it "cannot explain any extraordinary 'powers' attributed to [green M&Ms], either scientifically or medically."

She is the belle of the candy ball. If you want to know more, you can see Ms. Green M&Ms bio at the official M&M' S® website.

If sexy isn't the meaning you want to convey, M&Ms has an entire palette of colors that you can mix to match whatever message you wish to communicate. You can see all of the M&Ms colors available on their the official M&M website.

Below are a few tongue-in-cheek color recommendations of my own.

Kate’s Anything But Green M&Ms Color Guide
  • Sensual: Purple, Dark Pink & Red
  • Serene: Aqua Green, Light Blue & Blue
  • Mystical: Purple, Maroon, Gray & Light Purple
  • Romantic: Pink, Light Purple & Cream
  • Power: Combinations of Black/Purple or Black/Red or Black/Gold

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