Title - Color of Success for These Companies

For Kermit the Frog, it may not be easy being the color green. But for these two products, green is not only easy but very smart! For these companies, green is the color of success!

The Color Green Practically Jumps Off The Shelf

For the Garnier Fructis product line, being the color green has been an essential key to its success. The bright green packaging differentiates their product on retailers’ shelves to catch the eye of current or prospective customers.

Kermit says it's not easy being the color green, but for these two products, it's not only easy, but very smart!

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Color of Success for Garnier Fructis

The color they chose communicates fresh, natural, and fun, and in those few critical seconds, after a customer sees it, it certainly grabs the customer’s attention and gets the product’s message across. Take a walk down the shampoo aisle and see how the green packaging practically jumps off the shelf!

Color of Success: Innovative Packaging Wins a Resistant Market

Bright green, innovative packaging has also been responsible for taking O’Keefe’s from a small company supplying hand moisturizing creams that tame the dry, chapped skin of farmers and laborers, into a multi-million dollar business. Their Working Hands concentrated hand cream product is sold primarily in DIY and farm supply stores. Thus, the company developed packaging and used colors that appeal to more macho males who have traditionally been resistant to purchasing this type of product. 

Color of Success for O'Keefe's Working Hands

Wisely, rather than use the standard packaging for hand creams, O’Keefe designed a container similar to the ones used for car/truck wax or shoe polish. The smart design and use of the color green were given the nod from the industry last year when it won the Dupont Gold Award and Innovation. Find out more about this and other products from O’Keefe’s.

These are just two examples of the importance of color in a product’s success, and ultimately, a company’s success. How might color be influencing what you or your customers are buying? What is your the color of success for your business?

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