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Why Color Quote On Anthropologie Windows

What a treat to spot these windows last night on my way to dinner. The windows at Anthropologie are always well done and these that feature one of my favorite topics and asked the question – Why color?– especially captured my heart.


Why color? Because it makes the world bigger unveiling all that is possible. #color #quotes

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Why Color? in Anthropologie Windows With Color Wheel and Color Swatches
Why Color? in Anthropologie Windows Reston Town Center

More Images From The Spring 2015 Why Color #AnthroWindows

You can find more great images from other Anthropologie stores on the website of the company that designed them InternationalVisual

How does color affect you? It has been known to change moods, movements, and even appetites. To tug on emotions and transform what we see as beautiful. Every shade and hue evokes something special, but it’s when you bring them all together—as we’ve done in our new windows—that they truly bend, leap and dance in harmony. We invite you to stop by your local store to behold the spectrum, in all its forms.


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