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Chocolate Brown Flowers

Brown Flowers Satisfy a Craving for Chocolate

Read Time: 3 min For the Love of Chocolate – Brown Flowers​!Many couples dream of turning their leisure time pursuits into a lucrative venture but finding common ground often takes a bit of creative thinking. Bill Schlicht loves chocolate, while Marie Lincoln loves unique and rare flowers. Put the two passions together and you have the Chocolate Flower Farm […]

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Red-Violet Garden

I’m Dreaming of a Red-Violet Garden

Read Time: 4 min Is it just me or are you at a point in life where you enjoy snow more from the inside looking out than being out in it? I think the many years I spent in Upstate New York and New England digging out my driveway and being caught ‘under dressed’ in the interest of fashion […]

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Black Plants Conjure Up A Bit Of Magic In Your Garden

Read Time: 3 min Black plants: As popular in the garden as the color black is in fashionDoes it surprise you that black is a color that is now championed in the garden? Black has always been the sophisticated, chic wardrobe color for the confident. It’s the color of the business world and the ‘little black dress’. Yet in […]

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