Chocolate Brown Flowers

For the Love of Chocolate - Brown Flowers​!

Many couples dream of turning their leisure time pursuits into a lucrative venture but finding common ground often takes a bit of creative thinking. Bill Schlicht loves chocolate, while Marie Lincoln loves unique and rare flowers. Put the two passions together and you have the Chocolate Flower Farm of Langley, WA, offering chocolate brown flowers and gifts to thrill both gardeners and chocoholics.

Chocolate Brown Flowers and Plants

Chocolate Brown Flowers? Really?

Chocolate flowers are plants with darkly colored foliage, bark or flowers ​are ​​rich additions to the garden. Shades of rich dark maroon, wine, bronze, mahogany and black mix with glossy brown in blooms that look just as delicious and heavenly as chocolate fudge.

With names like Chocolate Soldier, Chocolate Drop, or Mocha and many varieties that have a cocoa scent, it’s easy to see why plant enthusiasts are drawn into the romance of growing these chocolate beauties.

Chocolate Flower Farm Brown Flowers and Plants

The Method Behind the Chocolate Brown Flowers Madness

Lincoln shared with me that she has loved flowers forever. “However,” she said, “after years of designing English gardens in pastel hues I began to look for flowers that would add depth and sophistication to my garden.” It was as that point that she began working with the darker shades that blossomed into her passion for deeply colored plants and flowers.

The couple’s unique nursery and gift shop offering these chocolate beauties has taken off. Many of their customers appreciate the drama and sophistication the dark tones give to their gardens. Others love the novelty or whimsy of chocolate brown flowers that satisfy a craving for something unique and rare. And who wouldn’t love flowers that give off a delicious chocolate scent?

Let Them Have Chocolate!

Lincoln and Schlicht offer their chocolate beauties for sale in person at their niche nursery, in town gift shop, and online. This savvy couple recognizes that gardeners cannot live on chocolate alone so they grow many complementary plants as well, with an emphasis on rare, hard to find perennials.

Plants, seed kits and gift certificates are available at surprisingly reasonable prices, considering the lengths they have gone to in order to collect chocolate plants and flowers from around the world.

Whether you crave an Angels Fishing Wand from South Africa or Milk Chocolate Foxglove from Spain, or a chocolate seed kit safe for your children to grow and enjoy, the Chocolate Flower Farm can satisfy your needs.

Don’t miss the selections of edible and drinkable chocolate or their exquisite signature chocolate candles. Check back often as new plants are offered and you can bet your chocolate cosmos Lincoln will have many fudge-tastic plants to drool over in the growing seasons to come.

Flower Fanciers Find Brown Intriguing

One of the most popular gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show, London’s influential showcase of landscape design and plant trends.was the bronze medal-winning Roald Dahl Foundation Chocolate Brown Garden, inspired by Dahl’s classic book movie, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Like the black plant craze ignited by Karen Platt of England a few years back, rich brown plants are capturing the fancy of flower connoisseurs everywhere and growers are beginning to make dark chocolate flowers and plants available to the florist.

See all of the chocolishious brown flowers and plants at the Chocolate Flower Farm.

You can also find information on starting a chocolate garden at Better Homes and Gardens.

​Talk to Us About Brown ​Flowers and Plants

Do you love these chocolate brown beauties as much as we do? Tell us what you think about brown flowers by leaving a comment below.

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Lead Image Credit: Ton Rulkens from Mozambique [CC BY-SA 2.0]

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