Professional Color Certificate Program

This program is for the designer, color consultant, or decorating professional who is ready to earn professional credentials, become a "go-to" color expert, gain new clients, increase profitability and make more money.

Color Certificate Course: Expertly Select Exterior Colors

FRESH is the approach Kate Smith developed for selecting colors for a home exterior that is now widely used by many corporations when recommending combinations for their customers. In this course, you will learn to use this same process to specify colors for any home exterior successfully.


Color Confidence: Color for Your Home Interior Ebook

Find the Perfect Colors for Your Home Interior. This is your DIY guide for selecting colors and getting professional results. Why risk having to repaint or live with a color mistake when for less than the price of a gallon of paint you can learn how to pick the perfect colors every time!

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One-on-One Mentoring Sessions

Reach a New Level of Focus, Confidence, and Success in Your Color-Related Business
Special Offer

My mission it to help color consultants and independent color professionals to build and grow their business to thrive when times are good and also when they are not. Sessions are 10 mins, 25 mins, or 55 mins.

In order to help those who need a boast with their business at this difficult time, I am providing my guidance to individuals or corporations that needs a quick hit of business or color expertise at half of my regular rate.  Available for appointments in May, June and July.

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