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Professional Color
Certification Program

This program is for the designer or decorating professional who is ready to become a "go-to" color expert, gain new clients, and make more money!

Would you like to increase your credibility, earn professional credentials, and expand your understanding of color? Then you are in the right place!

Dear Design Pro

Do you have a talent for using color but would like to be recognized as a color specialist or color expert?

Would you like your customers to feel more confident in following your color and design recommendations?

Do you have a talent for selecting colors but don't feel as skilled when it comes to explaining why the colors work well together?

Are you tired of charging lower fees than you desire, but are afraid you won't get the business if you charge more?

What if I told you that there was a simple, proven, step-by-step path to:

  • Enjoy a thriving business working with clients that value your time and design talent.
  • Charge what your services are truly worth without feat, guilt, or hesitation.
  • Attract clients who seek you would and are happy to refer you to others.
  • Be able to easily find exactly the right words to explain and support your color recommendations.
  • Spend less time working with more clients

Get ready to be excited - because that proven path exists! And it all comes down to ONE key strategy that can change everything.

So What's the Secret?

"When you are able to educate your client about color and it's role in their design project in a way that celebrates the passion, life, and vitality that color brings to their lives you exponentially increase their confidence in you and your ability to help them to make excellent color and design decisions."

Here's Why and How this Program Helps You to Succeed

Time tested and proven. Everything in the Professional Color Certificate Program comes directly from my own successful business. My clients and students have used it to sell millions of dollars in color services and products collectively.

Longevity. I was one of the first color experts to mentor others in their design business and teach this simple but effective strategy that I've used for the past 15+ years in my own business to make a six-figure income year after year successfully.

Comprehensive. While most programs hold back critical pieces (leaving you to figure it out on your own), we get rave reviews from clients on our training and the quality of our materials.

Our Action Plan makes it easy. We layout exactly what you need to complete the program do step-by-step. You'll talk about your business, products, and services more powerfully in less time, plus you'll take actions that will gain you, new clients, right in the program! There are LIVE group sessions with Kate to help you implement the Action Plan and increase your revenue immediately!

No going it alone! No going it alone! We'll be walking through the plan together. As you take action, you'll be surrounded and supported by our team and the other students in the program, both in LIVE sessions and in our Color Consulting Professionals Facebook community.

Less frustration, more productivity. When working on your own, you spent 90% of your work trying to figure out how to complete the program. Our Action Plan clears up any confusion you may have and allows you to spend the majority of your time productively moving forward doing the work you love.

Your Action Plan

Your Action Plan is your blueprint for success! This course is the step-by-step plan for taking what you know and using it to sell yourself and your services for the fees you deserve.

You will LOVE the Action Plan because it lays out for you precisely what to do to get new clients, earn higher fees, and make more profits starting from wherever you are in your business right now.

Follow this plan to take decisive action without overwhelm! Begin seeing results before you even complete the course as you implement small changes each week.

LIVE Online Q+A Coaching Sessions with Kate

A key component of this program is implementation and action, which is why we're going to walk through the program together.

When the course begins, you'll receive access to the online classroom and your first modules. You can get started.

By the end of the program you will have
  • A proven technique for positioning yourself as the expert and makes it easy for clients to hire you as well as follow your design and color recommendations.
  • The skill to share your ideas in a way that enables your clients to make confident color decisions and feel in control of their project.
  • A practical method for guiding your clients through the design process guarantees they will love the results.
  • The best way to explain the "why" behind a color scheme that will bring your client's vision for their home to life.
  • The confidence to set clear boundaries that keep the responsibility of the final color decisions right where they belong — with your client.
  • The ability to communicate your services and prices in a way that invites your clients to say "Yes!" to working with you quickly..

LEVEL 1 & 2








LEVELS 1, 2, 3, and 4



Registration is Open!
If you aren't ready now, sign up to be notified when we open enrollment in the future.
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

I left this class feeling like I finally had the tools to impact the lives of my clients positively with color.

Bonnie C Dowling
Bonnie C. Dowling Interiors, Macon, GA
Bonnie C. Dowling
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Rodney McFall

Exceptional course…well worth the investment and would highly recommend this class to any color design professional who wants the opportunity for certification and a valuable accreditation.

Rodney McFalls
CCI RPM Wood Finishes Group, Hickory, NC

Sensational Bonus

Listing in Our "Find A Color Consultant" Directory

One of my gifts to you is to provide an online directory for graduates of the Color Consultant Certification program. The list is an excellent opportunity for you to connect with customers looking for a color consultant. I have passed on many referrals to Color Consultant Certification graduates and have received feedback from others that the directory is a source of new clients that may not have found them.

The directory is also a significant benefit because the links from this page can directly elevate your website. Links from my website, which has a high ranking, can improve your visibility in search engines, which could mean more business from other sources, too!

The STEPS to becoming a
Certified Color Specialist

Color Certificate Program
LEVEL 1 COLOR MASTERY for Design & Decorating Pros 


What You will Learn in LEVEL 1

Success From The Start
Right from the beginning of the course, we outline exactly what it takes to be successful as a Color Specialist

Be Part of the Color Community
Once you have registered, you will almost Immediately have access to our online private Facebook group so that you can easily connect with others students and graduates of this course. It is a place to ask questions, give feedback, share ideas and meet other color professionals. It is also a great place to get advice from other students as well as Kate and the community leaders on anything related to color, color consulting or running a successful business.

From Art and Science to Practical Application
When you specialize in color, you will want to know more about color than the average designer or consultant. In this course you will get a solid understanding of the art and science of color. But we take it a step further and show you how these concepts have practical application in your business.

Use Colors As A Professional
Throughout this course you will be using the same materials and tools you use everyday as a color professional. So while you learn to see and organize all colors by value, intensity, temperature and undertone you will be doing it with the actual colors . You will also learn about how paint color systems are organized. You'll then learn how to organize your own paint color samples.

Become Familiar With All Aspects of Using Color Like a Pro
Don't underestimate how much you will benefit from having a solid understanding of the basics of color. You will be learning everything from terminology and theory to how color works with the elements of design and how colors interact with one another. As you take your time to digest each idea and complete the hands on exercises you will really become familiar with the concepts. The firmer your foundation the more you can achieve with color!

Learn to See and Describe Colors
You will learn all about individual colors and what makes each of more than 16 million colors unique.To do this you will discover how colors are formed, arranged and described. This is important because being able to identify a color’s characteristics and describe them is the first step in being able to design with color.

Identifying Undertones
One of the most effective techniques for alleviating frustration and mastering color, especially when it comes to selecting whites and neutrals, is to understand how color undertones affect what the color will look like in the context of your design. Evaluating the color and the undertones is well worth the effort. Expertly choosing colors that harmonize is the foundation of sensational designs. It may seem challenging at first, but like most things – practice makes perfect!

Create Color Harmony
You will discover how to create harmonious color combinations and schemes by using the tried-and-true color relationships. Then you will learn how to create unlimited harmonious combinations with confidence. You will also be able to create combinations. And for those times, you want something more attention getting or jarring, you'll know how color discord or clashing colors can be used.

Even More Ways To Create Color Harmony
Most color pros know how the basics of putting colors together. But you aren’t just any colorist. You are the person who wants to be above average and know more than most designers about color. You will discover some techniques used by very talented designers and colorist across many fields yet they are rarely talked about when you are learning about color for architectural design so most people are left to discover them on their own, if at all.

Color Psychology, Symbolism, And Meaning
Learn how people react to color and why. You may be amazed to find that your color intuition is deeply rooted in research, history, and even culture, where one color can have vastly different meanings across societies. The color psychology section gives you a new perspective on the general responses to color that can affect the color schemes you create.

Understand How Color Affects Behavior
Learn about how we perceive the colors in the world around us and why we react to colors the way we do.

See How Your Reactions Colors Stack Up To Other Color Pros
First you will take the survey yourself. Then you can compare your results with the data gathered from 1000s of other color pros. Are your reactions different than those of other designers. Find out.

Speaking The Same Color Language As Your Customer
Knowing how to speak to your clients and sharing some of your color knowledge and know-how in a way they are comfortable with not only helps them to feel like they are a vital part of the design process. By knowing exactly how to speak to your clients about color, you can clearly communicate and show to bring their ideas to life at every step in the process.

Color Tips and Techniques that Build Your Confidence
Learn about why having a solid understanding of color and how having knowledge of color theory, interactions of color and color systems will make your job as a designer or consultant easier.

Color Certificate Program


What You will Learn in LEVEL 2

Change the Mood of Any Room
Go beyond a simple color combination as you learn to bring together psychology, physiology, meanings, and symbolism with a solid understanding of how to create harmonious colors schemes to create just the right mood for your clients.

But it Takes More Than Color to Infuse a Room With Feelling
Using the eight moods clients request most often, you will be given the specific design elements and characteristics that are key to creating each mood. This is a valuable template that you aren’t going to find anywhere else!

Context, Context, Context!
Placement, finish, sheen, material, texture, and lighting all play a role in how color appears. As a color specialist, you will have the expertise to know how different surfaces and substrates as well as lighting impacts the appearance of color.

Creating Your Clients Ideal Scheme
Successful color schemes for the home depend on getting the hues, values and proportions of color right. You’ll learn the secrets to creating a harmonious whole home color scheme. You will also discover how creating a cohesive scheme can create the feeling of more space, make a scheme easy to update, and create a more comfortable environment.

Learn How to Create Flow
You will see why the conventional design advice about creating flow that you have probably heard more than once over the years is outdated and doesn’t give you a true formula that works for most residential design projects. Our method shows you how to create flow for today’s homes and homeowners.

Color Certification Classes Exterior
Color Certificate Program


What You will Learn in LEVEL 3

FRESH Color for Home Exteriors
FRESH is the approach Kate uses when selecting colors for a home exterior. In this course, you will learn to use this same process for choosing colors for a home exterior that she has used successfully to specify colors for hundreds of home exteriors. By following the FRESH steps you will be able to pick the perfect colors for any home exterior.

The Five Key Elements That Must Be Considered
Learn to identify the five key elements that must be considered when choosing exterior colors and how they influence color choices.

One Step at a Time
Discover our strategies for helping your customers make confident color decisions. Then see how to walk your clients through the process step-by-step in a way that ends with saying, "Yes!" to your color recommendations.

A Home Exterior is Not a Blank Canvas
Unless a home is being built from the ground up, it is not a blank canvas. There are many things to consider as you select colors, and you'll learn which features are most influential in determining the final color scheme.

The Influence of Regional Colors
See how geography can influence the color scheme of a home’s exterior. Regional color preferences come from a blend of the region’s natural characteristics –climate, topography, landscape and quality of the natural light –together with the housing styles, available materials, and history of the area.

How to Adapt a Color Scheme to the Home's Setting
The natural setting and landscaping surrounding the home are elements to keep in mind when selecting exterior colors.

Style Matters
The architectural style of the home is an important part of the color equation. You will want the color scheme to respect the home’s design. Color and materials must support the home’s architecture, not vice versa.

Working With Homeowners Associations
Having a home with a striking exterior can be both an asset and source of pride for its owners. But, homeowners must keep the HOA guidelines in mind as they think about how they want to express themselves with color and style. You will learn to create an exterior color scheme that stands out while still fitting into the neighborhood.

Build on What You Already Know
When a homeowner owns a home in a historic district there is more to consider when choosing color than for most other homes. We share tips on how to work within a historic district and help your client navigate the process for getting their color scheme approved.

Don't Confuse Your Client
Often you will think about color, material and product choices for a home exterior all at once. However, most clients do not have the experience to see your vision unless you show them how to make color decisions one by one and usually in a very particular order. We show you how to guide your client to see the same beautiful vision for their home that you do.

Pricing for an Exterior Color Consultation
We give you guidance on how what to charge and why for an exterior color consultation.

Color Certification Program The Consulting Process
Color Certificate Program
LEVEL 4A The Consulting Process Step by Step


What You will Learn in LEVEL 4B

The Consulting Process Step-By-Step
Every consultation takes on a life of its own but I have found that there are some specific steps that must be included in order to get the best results.

Your Face-To-Face Meeting
The most successful consultations are methodical and transparent. The customer knows what to expect and as the consultant you are able to clearly articulate the thought process behind your recommendations. My years of experience as a color expert have given me a process that works amazingly well. I’m going to walk you through it so that you can model it in your own work.

Build on What You Already Know
Last, we’ll give you a great way to take what you already know and use it more effectively to fast forward your success and get your clients to say yes to color!

You're the Color Pro; Your Client is the Color Decision Maker
We show you how to guide your client through the process, educating and advising them at every step, helping them to confidently make the choices that will transform their living spaces.

No Need to Guess
We tell you exactly how to use the information in the course to generate more revenue, more quickly. Nothing is held back!

Color Certificate Program
LEVEL 4B Successful Sales and Marketing


What You will Learn in LEVEL 4B

Position Yourself for Success
For every business there is an optimal balance between the time, money and energy it takes to do business and the benefits received in terms of revenue and profit. In this step you will discover the right balance for you.

Discover the 6 Things Every Home Color Consultant Must Do
It is important to be seen as a professional both by your clients and suppliers. Follow the steps outlined and you’ll be on your way to positioning yourself as a “go-to” color expert or specialist.

No More Giving Away Your Services
You’ve invested time and money in gaining your expertise. It is only right that you want to be paid for sharing that expertise with you clients. We tell you exactly what information to share freely and what to share only with the clients who hire you.

Talking About Your Sensational Business
When you are ask about what you do, your response must be clear, compelling and brief. The style should be conversational and authentic. Kate guides you to develop your own unique answer that is all of those things and opens the door to new business.

Setting Prices that Both You and Your Client Feel are Worth It
Here’s a little secret. Your fee is only part of the pricing equation. How you communicate the value of what you deliver is the other. Finding the right balance between the two is what sets the stage for both you and your clients feeling satisfied. Our step-by-step template for setting your fees, and talking about them with ease and credibility will help you find the right price for any service or product you deliver.

Create Your Selling Strategy and Selling Statement
Understanding how to correctly set your price for profit and how to communicate your pricing to your target customer is perhaps the single most treasured skill you can develop as a business owner. Surprisingly very few business owners put time and attention into getting this right.

Turn Callers Into Paying Clients
When your initial contact with a customer is on the telephone it can be a little trickier to gain their confidence and move them from prospect to client. A few well-crafted questions asked in the right order keeps you from sounding pushy and leads the caller into setting an appoint. It also helps you to steer clear of giving free color advice.

Why and How to Confirm Your Appointments
Booking the appointment does not guarantee that your client won’t come up with any number of reasons to cancel. We show you how to reassure your client that they have made a good decision and that you are the solution to their problem.

How to Create Your Own Tip Sheets
By sending this out to your clients before the appoint you keep them engaged and can begin setting client expectations before you even arrive.

Learn the Best Way to Sell Color Services
Each week you will be able to attend Kate's group coaching call where she lets you in on her philosophy for selling color and shows you exactly why it has been so successful in attracting clients from individual homeowners to major corporations. Plus she'll give you strategies on how to apply what you've learned to your own business.

Who is This Course For?

Painters, Decorative Artists, Contractors & Industry Professionals

Interior Designers & Decorators

Design & Color Consultants

Window Fashion Professionals, Home Stagers, & Organizers

If you’re someone who is ready to use your color know-how and knowledge to gain new clients, increase profitability and make money we invite you to say "YES!" to yourself and this program.


LEVEL 1 & 2








LEVELS 1, 2, 3, and 4



Registration is Open!
If you aren't ready now, sign up to be notified when we open enrollment in the future.

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you find that this information-packed program is not right for you, you can request a refund at anytime during the first half of your program. The halfway point is noted on your schedule.

In order to qualify for a refund, you simply need to have completed the coursework and followed all of the steps in the course schedule up through the time of your request. Basically we are committed to your success and you need to be just as committed. If together we aren't successful, we will promptly issue a refund. 

Meet Your Instructor

Color expert Kate Smith
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Kate is a fabulous engaging instructor & down to earth. Very thorough course and by having it online makes it much easier to complete in your own time frame. 

Michelle MohlereMichelle Mohlere Interior & Design, Los Angeles, CA
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

The course was both informative and challenging. As an interior professional I was interested in gaining new knowledge and an intensive review of color specification. This study went beyond my expectations with the personal attention and input received from Kate Smith. The best benefit was the practical application of marketing yourself, meeting with clients and tools to expand your business, including a network of highly qualified professionals in the field of color.

Adrienne Carlin OliveAdrienne Carlin Oliver Interiors, Hawaiian Islands
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Kate covered a lot of information in a fresh new way, that felt fun and informative. I looked forward to each module. The project at the end does a nice job of having you work through the process.

Kimberly PittmanKimberly Pittman Design, Indianlantic, FL
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

This course was very fun and informative. I am anxious to begin using my new skills. It’s funny how confident I was with color before the class and how much I didn’t actually know. This course made me realize how much a successful designer should know about color.

Jennifer Ashby J. Ashby Interiors, San Jose, CA
Jennifer Ashby of J. Ashby Interiors San Jose, CA


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do I need to be a color consultant, interior designer or decorator to enroll in these courses?

No, the course is open to anyone working with color, design and decorating - people who work for paint companies, in the window treatment industry, are home stagers, or anyone interested in knowing more about using color for themselves or their business. Many of our students have been designers for many years, some are changing careers and others are just starting out in the design industry.

What if I am not going to work as a true color consultant?

The beauty of this course is that you will gain a solid base of color knowledge and be shown how to put it into practical application in your specific business. Whether your are a paint color consultant, full scale interior designer, home stager, window coverings professional, paint contractor or plan to use color in another way you will get the personal assistance you need.

I already know how to use color quite well. Why do I need to know anything more?

We have found that for most people, color decisions come from a combination of experience and a natural eye for color; we encourage you to continue to employ any techniques that have proven successful. However, becoming familiar with all aspects of color and understanding its use beyond its aesthetic appeal will allow you to take full advantage of the real power of color in your business.

Can’t you just skip the color basics or theory?

Sure we could do that. The reason we don’t is that we have found that after years of experience as a designer, you will now be able to use this information in ways you couldn’t have imagined before. So open your mind and eyes as we lay the groundwork for your success.

How long does it take to complete the program?

If you follow the schedule, you will complete all four parts of the program in six weeks or less. The schedule is designed for you work a little each day so that it can you can fit it to your day.

What if I don't complete the program within the time allotted?

This program is designed specifically for busy professionals like you. Kate knows that even with the best of intentions when you signed up, that things happen that can prevent you from having the time to work on the course right away.

Many people have signed up because their client work was light only to have an excellent client or project almost magically show up. That is the power of investing in yourself and your business. Even before you complete the course, good things start coming your way!

After the course, you have lifetime access to the course and can complete it on your own. The goal for you is to complete the program and get a high return on the investment you are making in yourself through us. We will do our very best to help you to achieve that goal.

Will I have lifetime access to the courses?

Yes, but lifetime refers to the life of my business and website, not my lifetime or your lifetime. I've been in business since 2001 and have been running my website since 2005 with no end in sight, so I think you will have access for as long as you will need it.

Do I need to participate in the group Q&A sessions?

The sessions are part of the course, but like any part of the course, you can choose not to participate. Most students enjoy working directly with Kate and find the personal guidance very helpful. It is also a great time to connect with others in the classes as well as recent graduates.

I’m challenged to work with mismatched or unusual colors and struggle to find the right solution. Can this course help?

You'll have many opportunities to put together color combinations and create color schemes and get feedback to help you come up with solutions to even most challenging color dilemmas.

Can this course show me how to easily create harmonious color schemes and flow from room-to-room?

You'll have many opportunities to put together color combinations and create color schemes and get feedback to help you come up with solutions to even most challenging color dilemmas.

What if I need to cancel for some reason after I sign up?

If you cancel, prior to the start of any course, you will receive a full refund.

This full program includes five courses. Once you start any of the 5-day courses, if for any reason, you find that this information-packed program is not right for you, you can request a refund at anytime during the first two days of any course.

In order to qualify for a refund, you simply need to have completed the coursework and followed all of the steps in the course schedule up through the time of your request. Basically we are committed to your success and you need to be just as committed. If together we aren't successful, we will promptly issue a refund.

if you have not completed the coursework, your refund will be prorated based on portion of the course you have accessed.

No refunds will be offered after the second day of any course.

Didn't find the answer you're looking for?

Kate would be happy to speak to you briefly to answer your questions and tell you more about what you can expect from the course. She would not want you to enroll unless you know this can be a benefit to you and your business. Call the office at 703-244-4499 or send an email directly to her at [email protected]

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