Decorative Ceiling Design In Jaipur

I'm in India for an Asia Pacific Color conference and staying at the Jai Mal Palace hotel in Jaipur.

For the past couple of mornings I have enjoyed having this be the first thing I see every morning when I first open my eyes.

While I liked the detail immediately it wasn't until I had a few days to 'wake up to it' that I realized just how nice this decorative element is in my beautiful, elegant but otherwise neutral bedroom.

Also notice that rather than using a crown moulding like those we typically see in the United States that they have simply layered straight cut boards one on top of the other for a very nice effect.

I have enjoyed waking up to this decorative ceiling design so much that I may just have to add a similar painted detail to the ceiling of my bedroom at home.

For inspiration I found some exquisite designs that were adapted from authentic embroideries and fabrics, pottery, mosaics, illuminated manuscripts, and other sources. There are books of simple graphic outlines like 5000 Designs and Motifs from India and companies that sell stencils of India-inspired designs, which would make coming up with the perfect design a little easier. Now all I have to do is figure out how to paint those thin pinstripes with a steady hand.

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  • Madhura says:

    Hi Kate,
    Good to see a bit of Jaipur in your blog !! Thought I would drop in to check the site.
    – Madhura

    • Kate Smith says:

      Hi Madhura,
      Thanks for stopping by to check out the site and to say hello. Check back later this week to see my other post about my visit to India. What an incredible place you live.
      Best, Kate

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