iPod’s New Colors Are Exciting – The Color Names Are Not!

Apple released their remastered iPod nano, with its new anodized aluminum enclosure and rounded edges, iPod nano looks dazzling in three new, hot colors.

If you haven’t already indulged in the pleasure of an mp3 player, the nano’s new colors may make this a purchase that is too difficult to resist any longer.

I always thought that such a fun item should come in fabulous colors and now it does – and I love the new colors – but I did note one thing that could be improved upon.

Seeing the iPod color listed as simply blue, green, or pink just doesn’t generate the excitement you would expect when choosing one of these bold colors.

Would you describe the color of the new nano as

just blue?
or green?
or pink?
Too bad the creative folks at Apple didn’t come up with names befitting of these bright hues to carry the color fever through every aspect of the experience.
iPod's New Colors Are Exciting - The Color Names Are Not!