Tips For Matching A Metallic Finish To Your Outdoor Living Space

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1. Kitchen ~ House Beautiful magazine 2. Runway look ~ Michael Kors 3. Rescue Beauty Lounge polish, ‘Look Rich, Be Cheap’ 4. Bathtub ~ Waterwork

Flip through your favorite home or fashion magazines and its pretty clear that metallic colors are some of the hottest hues around. From the shimmery finish on the latest automobile to a stainless steel refrigerator to this season’s must have golden accessory- a little heavy metal goes a long way in creating the look of luxe.

Precious metals have in fact always intrigued mankind. Their rarity and beauty have made them a hot commodity throughout the ages. Today we still associate an object with a metallic finish as having a higher value- even if it’s color is manmade. It’s no wonder that silver is our favorite color for technology or that golden statues are given out at award ceremonies. The permanence and grandeur of these colors makes us happy.