Have you ever noticed that wearing a particular outfit makes you feel extra confident? Or that when you wear a certain color you receive more complements because you look especially attractive? Would you like to look in the mirror everyday and see a reflection that says “I look and feel great” More Alive With Color by Leatrice Eiseman reveals how to discover your personal colors and build your wardrobe around them so that you look and feel sensational whether kicking back at home or kicking up your heels out on the town.

The Colortime system organizes colors by how they appear during different times of the day: at sunrise, at sunset or in the sunlight at midday. Rather than dictate a particular set of hues as some other books do, Leatrice offers you a system to identify your best colors allowing you to build a versatile wardrobe that reflects your taste and personal style.

More Alive with Color Personal Colors Sunrise Palette
More Alive with Color Personal Colors Sunlight Palette
More Alive with Color Personal Colors Sunset Palette

Leatrice incorporates crossover colors that work across all palettes and shares tips on how you can wear a favorite color even if it doesn’t fall within your personal palette. More Alive With Color includes removable pages for each color palette and the crossover color so that you can see how the colors work together and makes it easy to choose new colors to add to your current wardrobe. Best of all Leatrice shares a wealth of information on putting color together and includes her guide for goof-proof combinations.

Once you have an understanding of your personal colors Leatrice gives you the secrets to putting together a perfect look for any occasion. She also offers sound solutions for building a wardrobe and packing for a trip. One chapter offers practical advice especially for men that any man will be able to use regardless of his level of fashion sophistication.

Leatrice who has assisted corporations worldwide to choose colors to communicate a particular brand or product message distills her extensive knowledge into two information packed chapters that explain what the colors you wear say about you and how the colors you wear influence others. This information alone could change the way you think about what you wear.

More Alive With Color is beautifully illustrated and Leatrice’s timeless wisdom takes the guess work out of selecting clothes, accessories, hair color and cosmetics. Choosing colors that are flattering and communicate your personal style has never been easier.

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Feature Image Credit: Kate Smith (photo taken of a page in the book)
All Other Images: Use with permission from Leatrice Eiseman

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