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If it weren’t for ​fall colors I’m not sure that I could ever let go of the long, hot, glorious days of summer and accept the daylight scarce, frigid days of winter. There is just something about the bright blue sky, warm sunshine and explosion of red, orange and gold that keeps me from completely digging my heels in and saying, “No way!” to winter.

Autumn mellows me. It cajoles me into accepting cooler temperatures and shorter days. Fall has the magical ability to turn that spoiled summer child in me into a contented woman who appreciates home, family and the abundance in her life.

I’m really not sure exactly how that happens, I think it must be some sort of seasonal slight-of-hand. By distracting me with so many things that I love, Autumn somehow keeps me from noticing that I’m on a path that leads to winter’s doorstep.

Even though I know what Autumn is up to, this year will be no different. Like every October and November before, I’ll happily watch the magic unfold right before my eyes, forget about what is ahead and wonder why I would ever hesitate to forge ahead into Fall.

My Top Ten Favorite Autumn Distractions:

10. Picking apples

9. Sleeping under a quilt

8. A trip to the pumpkin patch

7. Hot spiced cider

6. Cranberries floating in the bogs

5. Scenic drives to see the foliage

4. Wearing my favorite sweaters

3. Logs burning in the fireplace

2. Celebrating my son’s birthday

And my very favorite...

1. The sensational Fall colors on the trees

With so many delightful distractions vying for my attention can you blame me?

What Do You Most Enjoy About Autumn?

Is it the fall colors? Cooler temperature? Putting on a sweater? Leave a comment below to let me know what you enjoy about this time of year.

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  • Gerry Yost says:

    when I smell the crisp fall air and see that distinct shade of blue of the sky I think back to when I was growing up. I loved to play football and Saturday afternoons were so special to me. when I breathe the fall air I am immediately transported to a simpler time and it always brings a smile to my face

    • Kate Smith says:

      Your description took me right back there with you.

  • Diane K. says:

    It’s the warm smells of cinnamon, pumpkin, and apples baking that epitomize fall for me. Red, orange, and yellow leaves blowing around while we’re making s’mores at the fire pit. Nothing like it!

    • Kate Smith says:

      Sounds delightful. I haven’t had s’mores in ages.

  • The first signs of autumn fills me with a creative energy that as an artist, I love. I love the way the woods smell, the sounds of the crows, the gathering of the wild turkeys. I love the manner the leaves change colors and the days shorten, the nights longer and the embrace of winter. It is my most creative time.

    • Kate Smith says:

      The colors of autumn spark my fire, too Edith. Enjoy!

  • Shannon says:

    Fall: bright crisp mornings, orange and red maple leaves, a hot cup of coffee, kids back in school….cinnamon spice in Apple baked goods….Fall a restful time!

    • Kate Smith says:

      Anything with cinnamon smells delicious to me. 🙂

  • Max says:

    Fire! I love love love sitting around a flickering fire pit, talking about life and dreams and sharing “when we were…” stories. Hubby at my side and Tessa, our Staffy, at my feet. Sipping on good red wine, staring at the mesmerizing flames and just “be” . And off course it get’s better when the laughter of your friends mingle with the quiet sounds of an autumn evening.

    • Kate Smith says:

      I love that too, Max. A fire is always so inviting and relaxing. Happy autumn.

  • I love how excited my animals are when the weather changes.
    My kitties see a slight movement then will jump into a pile of leaves and go crazy.

    Love, the smell of Vanilla and Cinnamon and painting with colors like pomegranate red and butternut squash orange !!!

    • Kate Smith says:

      Leslie, it sounds like you have your own cute kitty video in the making. Cats can be so entertaining.

      Love those scents and colors, too. Enjoy the Fall.

  • It is Hello Kitty’s 40th Birthday. Sadly her actual name (and color) is Kitty White so maybe not too colorful for Fall,

    • Kate Smith says:

      No, Tony, I don’t think of white when I think Fall. 🙂

      I remember when people first started going crazy for Hello Kitty merchandise here in the States and it wasn’t just kids. Many grown women went crazy for Hello Kitty, too…and many still d

  • Ceil Petrucelli says:

    Experiencing the spectacular fall foliage and colors of autumn which I get to see every day in the beautiful state of Vermont, where I have lived for the past 20 years. I never tire of seeing the changing colors, especially the vibrant reds and oranges, glorious yellows & golds, and the play of sunshine and shadow over the rolling hills and mountains that surround the town I live in.

    • Kate Smith says:

      Vermont is always beautiful but breathtaking at this time of year. When I lived in Boston I always looked forward to visiting Vermont in the Fall.

  • Heather says:

    Living in Florida, I look forward to getting back outdoors…cleaning up the garden and the exterior of our home; riding bikes with the kids; going for walks, etc.

    • Kate Smith says:

      I lived in Florida and it sure isn’t the same as a Fall in New England but it sure is nice to have Fall be the harbinger to nice weather rather than a cold winter ahead. Enjoy!

  • Autumn in Florida means the air feels invigoratingly cool and crisp and it’s time to throw open the windows and let the fresh air flow through the house. It’s also when my favorite Starbucks drink returns: the salted caramel mocha. And let’s not forget about pumpkin nut muffins and caramel apples! (Can you tell I’m hungry?) I also love the crackle and scent of logs burning, especially outside. Now, if only Autumn would come visit Florida, it’s not here yet!

    • Kate Smith says:

      Oh, yes, the food we only enjoy during the fall season. I love anything with pumpkin.

  • Juli says:

    I can appreciate your eloquent essay on the changing of the seasons, but few of us in Texas lament the passing of summer! It’s only now that our climate becomes pleasant again. I like to say that October in Texas is God’s way of apologizing for August.

    I look forward to lighting the gas fireplace, burning wood-scented candles, and delving into more gold and faux fur in my wardrobe. Something funny I’ve noticed about the dead of winter (which is brief here, but still…) is that the lack of color and warmth actually makes me gravitate more toward red and burgundy items – a set of sheets, or a blouse – that feel too “hot” to me in spring or summer.

    • Kate Smith says:

      Having spent time in Houston in August a few years in a row, I can really appreciate you saying, “October in Texas is God’s way of apologizing for August.” Enjoy the Fall!

  • Julia says:

    Getting back to knitting! Summer is too busy and too warm to work on my favorite hobby. Re-discovering my stash a squishy colorful yarn is a great part of getting back into it. The color arrays available in yarn are nearly as varied as what you can put in your home with decor. I’m thinking from that beautiful green sweater in the photo that you either know a knitter or are one yourself.

    • Kate Smith says:

      Yes, knitting! I haven’t done much knitting in recent years but always loved the rhythm and feel of the yarn in my fingers. I’m a sucker for anything created from beautiful yarn.

  • Cady Child says:

    I love putting on my big, knit socks, sweaters, and sipping mulled wine.

    • Kate Smith says:

      That sounds wonderfully cozy, Cady. I was just thinking of you this week. I hope you are enjoying helping many people with color for their homes.

  • Jean says:

    My favorite autumn distraction is walking through piles of dried leaves, hearing the crunch and feeling the crispness in the air!

    • Kate Smith says:

      That is a wonderful experience and so much a part of autumn.

  • Mark says:

    Pulling on wellies and walking through the trees

    • Kate Smith says:

      Sounds great. I’ll put my wellies on and join you, Mark.

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