Think the Indian film industry or Bollywood as it fondly called and you will be hit by a storm of invigoratingly brilliant hues that will have you energized and breaking into an impromptu dance. The Indian film industry and its Bollywood colors are the setting stage for many of the fashion experiments that soon transform into raging trends over the course of the year.


Bollywood Colors From A Neha Dhupia Film

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Actress Neha Dhupia and her dancers bring Bollywood colors to life

Effervescent jewel tones of purple, red and pink that add the stylish yet sizzling hot side or choose an earthy palette of spice browns, tans and oranges, Bollywood colors transform and transcend all. Supercharged, almost jumping off the screen right at you the colors in Bollywood attempt to reinstate what the films try to do, create a larger than life scenario.

Bollywood today stands responsible for the great leap forward in the retail sector. The colors adorned by their favorite stars are the latest must haves and are immediately lapped up in every city. Each film is akin to a brand in itself; displaying a whole category of products and trends that audiences can choose from.

Often captured in the word ‘kitsch’, Bollywood offers its audience a multifaceted view into the lives and times of the screen idols. With almost four billion movie tickets sold every year and over 1000 movies made, it’s easy to imagine how big a gateway Bollywood is to the world of fashion and trends for its ardent audiences.

Bollywood Colors For Every Mood And Colors For Every Occasion

Bollywood is color, extravaganza, and musical and often there is melodrama thrown in for good measure. Every actor has his style that is mimicked by millions of fans. The famous Govinda ruled the 90’s with his kaleidoscopic costumes and disco moves. And if that wasn’t enough the actresses set the screens on fire in scorching reds that symbolized lust and desire, to bright yellows and blues that spoke of the spring of love and happiness.

Bollywood Colors From A Buzz Markham Film

The first Indian Idol Abhijeet Sawant at the IIFA Buzz Markham Pre-event
for the 12th Indian International Film Academy

A color of every mood and a color for every occasion are the underlying mantra at Bollywood… a case of art imitates life and vice versa. So if it’s hues of red and gold for weddings, then its bright yellows and magentas that signify the courtship period. Blacks and edgy reds for fight scenes and danger, greens and luscious purples for lust and seduction.

Actors and actresses both adorn costumes and looks that are grander, larger and more beautiful than ordinary day-to-day attires. There is nothing understated when it comes to translating the celebration of life on to the screen. The entire screen lights up in a dance of colors. Everyone in composition including the back up dancers and junior artists are lined up in colors that compliment those worn by the stars in the film.

The visuals in the song and dance sequences offer viewers only a microcosm of the trends that are carried through the film. But that doesn’t leave a minute wasted when it comes to young adults running to the nearest stores to make sure they look just like their favorite stars dressed in the appropriate colors of the season.

Bollywood Colors Capture The Imagination

And while it is known that a multitude of international locations are used for shooting purposes in Indian films, what possibly stands steadfast is the look and colors worn by the film stars in the films. Be it Switzerland or New York, the burst of color running through the screen are often the Indian stars carrying forth their colorful roles in their fabulous costumes. It’s no wonder then that Bollywood fashion has made its inroads into the high streets of New York and Paris.

It can be easily assumed that empire waists and animal dresses may go out of fashion but the color and celebration that has come to mean Bollywood will never ever leave the Indian psyche. And what’s more, it’s well on its way to capturing the collective imagination of the world.

With Indian films becoming the flavor of the season, actors and people living outside of India cant help but be seduced by the glitter, glamour and gala of the ever young Indian Film Industry.

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