Using Pink Light To Fight Crime

Using Pink Light To Fight CrimeThe Daily Telegraph out of NSW, Australia, reports that the Rockdale Council has plans to bathe a known trouble spot in pink light to discourage hoons [undesirables] from loitering there. If the test is successful, they will switch to using pink light to fight crime at other locations.

Councillor Gary Green said pink is known to have a calming affect on people, and said it is hoped the pink lighting will prove “unsympathetic towards hoons”.

Rockdale is the Council that recruited Barry Manilow to fight crime. Mayor Bill Saravinovski said the Council may even consider giving crooner Barry Manilow the flick in favour of Pink Floyd.

I think they might improve their chances of success if they keep Barry and supplement the pink lights with piped in “Manilow music”. I bet that would discourage any hoons from hanging around.

In case you think I’m kidding, you can see the story at The Daily Telegraph.