Cities With Color Names

Blue Ash, Ohio
Blue Ball, Pennsylvania
Blue Earth, Minnesota
Blue Grass, Iowa
Blue Hill, Nebraska
Blue Island, Illinois
Blue Jay, California
Blue Lake, California
Blue Moon, Iowa
Blue Mound, Kansas
Blue Mound, Texas
Blue Rapids, Kansas
Blue Ridge Manor, Kentucky
Blue Ridge, Georgia
Blue Ridge, Texas
Blue River, Oregon
Blue Springs, Alabama
Blue Springs, Missouri
Blue Springs, Nebraska
Bluefield, Virginia
Bluefield, West Virginia

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  1. Aimee Kincaid says:

    Although I love the idea of a town in Tennessee named Red Weenie, I can’t seem to find any record of it anywhere but in your list. Can you verify where it is?

    • OMG, Aimee. I never saw this and am quite sure there is not a city in TN named Red Weenie although I too would like it if there was one. I have removed it from the list.

      I feel quite confident that this was a joke played on me by my intern who helped me gather this list. She joked that her hometown was a color town — Red Weenie, TN. I can just see her giggling to herself knowing it was in the list and I never noticed.

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