Cities With Color Names

A list of U.S. cities With color names.


Blue Ash, Ohio
Blue Ball, Pennsylvania
Blue Earth, Minnesota
Blue Grass, Iowa
Blue Hill, Nebraska
Blue Island, Illinois
Blue Jay, California
Blue Lake, California
Blue Mound, Kansas
Blue Mound, Texas
Blue Rapids, Kansas
Blue Ridge Manor, Kentucky
Blue Ridge, Georgia
Blue Ridge, Texas
Blue River, Oregon
Blue Springs, Alabama
Blue Springs, Missouri
Blue Springs, Nebraska
Bluefield, Virginia
Bluefield, West Virginia


Bowling Green, Florida
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Bowling Green, Missouri
Bowling Green, New York
Bowling Green, Ohio
Fountain Green, Utah
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Green City, Missouri
Green Cove Springs, Florida
Green Forest, Arkansas
Green Grass, South Dakota
Green Isle, Minnesota
Green Lake, Wisconsin
Green Park, Missouri
Green Ridge, Missouri
Green River, Utah
Green River, Wyoming
Green Spring, Kentucky
Green, Kansas
Green, Ohio
Greenacres, Florida
Greenback, Tennessee
Greenbelt, Maryland
Greenbrae, California
Greenbrier, Arkansas
Greenbush, Minnesota
Greencastle, Indiana
Greencastle, Missouri
Greendale, Indiana
Greendale, Missouri
Greene, Iowa
Greenfield, California
Greenfield, Illinois
Greenfield, Indiana
Greenfield, Iowa
Greenfield, Massachusetts
Greenfield, Minnesota
Greenfield, Missouri
Greenfield, Ohio
Greenfield, Tennessee
Greenfield, Wisconsin
Greenhorn, Oregon
Greenlake, Wisconsin
Greenland, Arkansas
Greenleaf, Idaho
Greenleaf, Kansas
Greensboro, Alabama
Greensboro, Georgia
Greensboro, North Carolina
Greensborough, South Carolina
Greensburg, Indiana
Greensburg, Kansas
Greensburg, Kentucky
Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Greentop, Missouri
Greenup, Kentucky
Greenview, California
Greenville, Alabama
Greenville, Georgia
Greenville, Illinois
Greenville, Iowa
Greenville, Kentucky
Greenville, Michigan
Greenville, Mississippi
Greenville, Missouri
Greenville, North Carolina
Greenville, Ohio
Greenville, South Carolina
Greenville, Texas
Greenwald, Minnesota
Greenwich, Connecticut
Greenwood Village, Colorado
Greenwood, Arkansas
Greenwood, Indiana
Greenwood, Minnesota
Greenwood, Mississippi
Greenwood, Missouri
Greenwood, South Carolina
Greenwood, Wisconsin
Hazel Green, Wisconsin
Matfield Green, Kansas


Yellow Pine, Alabama
Yellow Pine, Idaho
Yellow Pine, Louisana
Yellow Springs, Kentucky


City of Orange, California
East Orange, New Jersey
Orange Beach, Alabama
Orange City, Florida
Orange City, Iowa
Orange Cove, California
Orange Grove, Texas
Orange, California
Orange, Connecticut
Orange, Texas
Orangeburg, South Carolina
OrangeVale, California
Orangeville, Utah
Port Orange, Florida
West Orange, Texas


Auburn, Washington
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Cherry Valley, California
Red Bank, New Jersey
Red Bank, Tennessee
Red Bay, Alabama
Red Bluff, California
Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee
Red Bud, Illinois
Red Cloud, Nebraska
Red Lake Falls, Minnesota
Red Lick, Texas
Red Lodge, Montana
Red Oak, Iowa
Red Oak, Texas
Red River, New Mexico
Red Run, Pennsylvania
Red Springs, Arkansas
Red Wing, Minnesota
Redding, California
Redding, Iowa
Redfield, Arkansas
Redfield, Iowa
Redfield, Kansas
Redfield, South Dakota
Redlands, California
Redmond, Oregon
Redmond, Washington
Redondo Beach, California
Redwater, Texas
Redwood City, California
Redwood Falls, Minnesota
Redwood Valley, California
Redwood, California
Redwood, Michigan
Vermillion, South Dakota


Alabaster, Alabama
White Bear Lake, Minnesota
White Bird, Idaho
White Bluff town, Tennessee
White City, Kansas
White City, Oregon
White Cloud, Kansas
White Cloud, Michigan
White Earth, North Dakota
White Hall, Arkansas
White Hall, Illinois
White House, Tennessee
White Lake, South Dakota
White Mountain, Alaska
White Oak, Texas
White Plains, Georgia
White Plains, Kentucky
White Plains, New York
White River, South Dakota
White Salmon, Washington
White Settlement, Texas
White Sulphur Springs, Montana
White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
White, Georgia
Whitefish, Montana
Whitehall, Michigan
Whitehall, Montana
Whitehall, Ohio
Whitehall, Wisconsin
Whitehouse, New Jersey
Whitehouse, Ohio
Whitehouse, Texas
Whites Horse Beach, Massachusetts
Whitesboro, Alabama
Whitesboro, New Jersey
Whitesboro, New York
Whitesboro, Texas
Whitesburg, Georgia
Whitesburg, Kentucky
Whitesburg, Tennessee
Whitesville, Kentucky
Whitesville, Louisiana
Whiteville, North Carolina
Whitesville, Virginia
Whitewater, Kansas
Whitewater, Wisconsin
Whitewood, South Dakota


Black Diamond, Washington
Black Hawk, Colorado
Black Jack, Missouri
Black Mountain, North Carolina
Black River Falls, Wisconsin
Black Rock, Arkansas
Black, Alabama
Blackburn, Missouri
Blackduck, Minnesota
Blackey, Kentucky
Blackfoot, Idaho
Blackshear, Georgia
Blackwater, Missouri
Blackwell, Oklahoma
Blackwell, Texas


Gray, Georgia
Gray, Iowa
Gray, Louisiana
Grayling, Alaska
Graymoor-Devondale, Kentucky
Gray’s Harbor, Washington
Grayson, Georgia
Grayson, Kentucky
Graysville, Alabama
Grayville, Illinois
Grey Eagle, Minnesota
Grey Forest, Texas


Brown City, Michigan
Browndell, Texas
Brownell, Kansas
Brownfield, Maine
Brownfield, Texas
Browning, Missouri
Browns Valley, Minnesota
Brownsboro Farm, Kentucky
Brownsboro Village, Kentucky
Brownsboro, Texas
Brownsdale, Minnesota
Brownsmead, Oregon
Brownsville, Kentucky
Brownsville, Minnesota
Brownsville, Oregon
Brownsville, Tennessee
Brownsville, Texas
Brownton, Minnesota
Brownwood, Texas
Old Brownsboro Place, Kentucky


Gold Bar, Washington
Gold Beach, Oregon
Gold Hill, Oregon
Gold River, California
Golden, Colorado
Goldsboro, North Carolina


Silver Lake, Oregon
Silver Lake, Indiana
Silver Lake, Kansas
Silver Springs, Florida
Silver Spring, Maryland


Glen Rose, Texas
Pink Hill, North Carolina
Rose City , Michigan
Rose Hill, Kansas
Rose Hill, Virginia


  1. Aimee Kincaid says

    Although I love the idea of a town in Tennessee named Red Weenie, I can’t seem to find any record of it anywhere but in your list. Can you verify where it is?

    • OMG, Aimee. I never saw this and am quite sure there is not a city in TN named Red Weenie although I too would like it if there was one. I have removed it from the list.

      I feel quite confident that this was a joke played on me by my intern who helped me gather this list. She joked that her hometown was a color town — Red Weenie! I can just see her giggling to herself knowing it was in the list and I never noticed.

  2. Hello, I write my diploma thesis on colour in geographical names, can you help me with sources? I need the cities/monuments in the Great Britain and the rest of the world except the USA. Thanks

    • I am not aware of any source that has this information, which is why I put it together. You can do what I did — search for an accurate list of city and town names by country and then just look through it for the names that include color. Good luck with your thesis.

  3. This is really nitpicky, but I’m from Silver Spring Maryland and there isn’t an s at the end of spring.

    • Good catch! You’re not nitpicky, just correct. I’m from almost directly across the beltway in Alexandria, VA so should have caught that error myself. 🙂

  4. What about Amarillo or Mesa Verde? There are a number of cities missing because they’re not in English.

    That said, I’m excited so many color names are on our cross country trip. An off hand comment has become a goal and your map will be a great asset. Thank you.

    • I agree Emily that there are many colorful city names based on color words from other languages that could be added. I’ll start with the two you mention but will have to spend some time researching since the few foreign language skills I have are pretty rusty. Enjoy your cross country trip!

  5. There is a Vermillion south Dakota, I know Vermillion is not a mainstream color but it is still a color, there might be other cities that have lesser known color names too.

    • Hi Becca,

      I have added Vermillion, SD to the list. Thanks for bringing that city with the cool color name to my attention. I am always on the lookout for cities with lesser known color names but searching them out is much more time consuming than you might think 🙂 so I am always happy to be tipped off by nice people like you.


  6. Hazel Green Wis

  7. Trent Wiesner says

    You have Greenfield in Wisconsin, but not Green Bay? Seems a little silly to me!

  8. Melinda Madison says

    Auburn, California and Roseville California

    • Melinda Madison says

      Olivehurst – CA
      Strawberry – CA
      Grayson – CA
      Gold Leaf – CA
      Ivory – CA
      Lemon Cove – CA
      Lilac – CA