Three Places To Find Your Color Inspiration Today

Have you ever stared blankly at the hundreds of paint colors in the store display? Maybe you’ve paged through a design book that featured colors with odd names like oxblood or cerulean? Picking color doesn’t always seem so simple. But, in reality you don’t need to have an eye for design to create a color palette you’ll love to live in.

Here are three places you can look to today for color inspiration:

Go au natural

Never has there been a more inspired artist than Mother Nature. When you need to spur that decorating spirit, imagine the natural places where you love to spend time. Do you love to listen to the ocean as the surf tickles your toes? Then a green or blue scheme accented with a sandy neutral is an inspired choice.

Don’t forget to look outside your own window, either. Whether serene green lawns or yummy veggie gardens surround your home, you’ll find color schemes that stimulate your mind, soul, and even your senses.

Go glossy

That’s right. The checkout counter is home to dozens of magazines. Home and garden magazines are the ideal place to start and will feature inspiring color schemes that use combinations that range from classic to chic. But don’t limit yourself to home-related publications. Pick up a fashion or celebrity magazine to find a creative spark in everything from advertisements to clothing layouts.

Go with what you love

One of the easiest places to look for inspiration is in the things you love. Did your much-adored aunt give you the antique vase her husband purchased overseas? Does your 2-year-old’s crayon-and-marker interpretation of the cat make you smile each and every time you look at it? Take the colors you see in those contentment-inducing objects and incorporate them into your living space.

Of course, these aren’t the only places to find inspiration, but they will take you on the first step toward your journey in finding the perfect color that will create your perfect room.

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