DIY Color: Vinyl Striped Floor

The fabulous striped floors at the Kate Spade store in Palm Beach inspired me to see what it would take to duplicate this look at home. A quick search produced lots of companies that sell vinyl tape for floors. I liked the colors on this site the best of the ones I visited but they don’t come close to the fabulous colors pictured below. Let me know if you find anything close to those colors.

Striped Floor at Kate Spade

Placing tape is certainly easier than painting stripes and according to Tim Nye who has the most awesome vinyl striped floor it is practical. Nyes says, “Anytime it gets ripped or scuffed, I just cut out the ruined piece and replace it with fresh tape in the same color.”

If you’ve ever wanted to add stripes to your floor but found the process of marking and painting too tedious this would be a good alternative. You could even add a stripe or pattern around the the border of a room. I may just have to give this a try. How about you?

You more tape installations by the artist, Rebecca Ward who created this design.

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  • Simone says:

    So has anyone figured out where to get the particular colors of vinyl tape featured in the infamous Kate Spade store?

    • Kate Smith says:

      It is vinyl electrical tape according to her website and if you do a search you can find it in many colors, however, I don’t know exactly what she did after putting it down to keep it adhered to the floor since electrical tape usually isn’t very sticky.

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