Hex Color Clock

A simple idea turned into a website. The time is displayed digitally and the current time is translated into the matching hex color value as the background. The color changes as the time changes.

What the Hex Color Is 11:36:57 AM?

11:36:57 become hexadecimal color #113657 and that color is displayed as the background color until the time changes.

What the Hex Color Is 11:38:09 AM?

2 minutes and 12 seconds later the background becomes hexadecimal color #113809 as shown below.

What the Hex Color Is 12:04:1 PM?

Then right on cue as the seconds tick by the background color changes to a deep inky black #120411

While you can easily see any time translated to hex color by typing the numbers into a paid or free design tool, the relationship between time and color made me want to check the hex clock several times to see what color different times are.

What color is it now? Visit https://www.jacopocolo.com/hexclock/# to find out.

Feature Image Credit: Photo by Icons8 team

Read Time: 2 min