Red-Violet Garden

Is it just me or are you at a point in life where you enjoy snow more from the inside looking out than being out in it?

I think the many years I spent in Upstate New York and New England digging out my driveway and being caught ‘under dressed’ in the interest of fashion over practicality have tainted my enjoyment of snow.

With that being said and this being the view outside at the moment you can bet I’m dreaming of warmer weather, sunny skies and a colorful garden rather than snow in the backyard.

So here I sit bundled up inside scanning sites like Proven Winners looking for the colors of my dreamy summer garden. The color red-violet has been on my mind this week after being interviewed for an article titled, “Did Purple Send a Message at the State of the Union Address?” (hint–it was really red-violet not purple as I shared with the press) so I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that flowers in this color seemed to call out to me?

Here a few of my favorites along with how I might use them in my garden or patio planters this year:

Supertunia Pretty Much Picasso Petunia

I bet you’ve never seen a petunia like this before. This is a new addition from the Proven Winner line. I love the bright shade of lime green that rings the pretty red-violet flowers. This is at the top of my list for plant purchases and best of all it produces flowers all summer long.

To bring out the green in the flowers even more I think I’ll find a pretty plant with bright yellow-green foliage and put these in all the hanging baskets that surround my deck.

Zinnia elegans ‘Benary’s Giants Wine’

This zinnia stood out and caught my attention. Benary’s Giants Wine zinnia has huge, fully double deep red-violet flowers atop strong stems, which will make them perfect for cutting.

Paired with flowers in deep gold and dark green foliage this flower will really stand out along the border of my garden and cut flower arrangements.

Pelargonium ‘Tex Mex Hot Pink’

While the masses of blossoms are more of a shockingly hot pink I think they will marry nicely with the flowers that are a bit more red-violet. Besides they bloom all summer long even it the hottest weather and I can bring a pot or two into my office to enjoy long after the summer ends.

The bold hot pink color will be a nice contrast against a rich, deep foliage such as Blackie or Illusion Midnight Lace sweet potato vine that has undertones of violet.

Bandito Rose Lantana

If you’ve been reading my Pink Saturday post you know that lantana graces my garden just about every year. What I like about the Bandito series of lantana is the compact size of its blossoms and that is produce an extra large number of blooms. There is also a richness to the blossoms of this variety that make is especially appealing to me.

To soften this bold lantana I might incorporate some white flowers such as white calibrachoa or Diamond Frost euphorbia.

Grandiosa Cherry Picotee Pelargonium

Not only does this plant produce gorgeous flowers but it also has lemon-scented foliage and is easy to grow. That’s the kind of three-in-one benefit package I like. The deep red-violet set off with white edges will be a nice counterpoint to the brighter flowers above.

This is another blossom that would pair nicely with an airy variety like white guara or Breathless Blush euphorbia. Both will soften the texture of the geranium.

Now this is just the beginning of my summer dream and the snow is falling fast and furious so I’m going to go make a cup of tea and get back to browsing flower sites.

I hope I’ve left you feeling a bit more ‘in the pink’ on this very white Saturday. My spirits have sure been lifted just looking at all these beautiful blossoms!

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  • flower says:

    my family is pink color like

  • Kitty Kellie says:

    Hi Kate,

    Those deep pinks are absolutely stunning and yes, I am sure a very welcome site in comparison to what life has literally decided to drop into your backyard today. The Pacific Northwest is seeing warmer that usual temperatures this season and no snow so far, not even ice which is really usual but I’m loving it.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog for Pink Saturday. Sending fairy magic your way for a week full of wondrous surprises. ( tee hee 🙂

    Cheers! =D
    ~Kitty Kellie

  • Betzie says:

    Gorgeous flowers…I love that last one…such a rich color. Snowed here too all yesterday…
    so you have put spring in my heart!

  • Rosie says:

    Oh, how I wish spring was here. I, too, grow zinnias and lantana. Every time I’ve bought petunias, though, some bug eats them up. I must live in an area where petunia eating bugs don’t get eaten by anything else. lol. Sounds like your grandma had great taste! lol. Rosie

  • Mumsy says:

    You’ll have such a beautiful garden with these colors! I’m thinking about planting lantana this year also!

  • Kate Smith says:

    Nancy, I can’t even imagine living the cold of Vermont unless I could stay inside and do something creative everyday. Now in early to mid-October, I’d take it over just about anywhere in the world. Such lovely Fall colors! ~Kate

  • Nancy says:

    Writing from New England, but dreaming of my beloved south…I don’t know how these people do it here in Vermont. I don’t leave the house very often. Happy Pink Saturday! Thank you for the much needed flowers

  • Kate Smith says:

    Char, Isn’t today a perfect day to dream about lots of color in the garden? ~Kate

  • char says:

    I too am dreaming of a garden full of life and color, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  • Kate Smith says:

    Hi Gail, What a great compliment to have you follow along. Thank you, Kate

  • Gail says:

    Love the pink flowers, this is a great site, I love color and will be following your posts.

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