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Trish Buscemi

Colors Matter
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In 2012 Colors Matter was trademarked as a Color Consulting business with Two Sisters Painting a division of the firm. Colors Matter has done commercial consulting with BusinessSuites, Abby BuisnessSuites, SaRi’s Creations, Pain Relief Chiropractic Center, Autumn Leaves Florist, and the Spofford Law Firm. Recently parents of young children have asked for assistance in color selection for their children’s rooms- especially children with learning disabilities-ADD, ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and Down Syndrome. Color can make a difference in the ability for a child to learn by promoting physical and mental health. The brain processes color as a memory trigger and can enhance learning in a child with special needs.

Trish Buscemi is the Founder and Certified Color Consultant of Colors Matter. Trish has been about “Color” all her life. When she was 7 years old she would play with her Mom’s make up for hours. The colors were fun- greens, blues, topaz and deep browns. The mascara/eyeliner was in powder/cake form that just needed water. She loved applying that with bold blacks, shades of blacks, grays and shadows!

Trish’s Grandmother was an oil paint artist. Her specialty was flowers and outdoor scenes. One summer her grandmother taught Trish to paint the sky without ever using the color blue. That is when color really came alive on a daily basis. To look at really ANYTHING and see ALL the colors was such a treat.

In 2009 Two Sisters Painting was established as an all-women paint company for both residential and commercial opportunities. While painting, Trish discovered that clients had difficulties choosing colors for their interiors that coordinated with the lighting of the room, the reflective properties in the room, their existing artwork, and furnishings. Even the pigment of paint is not logical. In 2011, Trish became certified as a Color for Your Home Specialist.

As a Color Consultant and Painter for the Make a Wish Foundation, Colors Matter has contributed time and talent to some of their projects. In addition, Colors Matter will be participating in The Montgomery County Habitat for Humanity-All Woman Build commencing January 2013 for completion Mother’s Day 2013. Color does matter and can change the emotional feel of a room, promote healing, and increase motivation!

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Color Consultation
Choosing paint for your home or business can be very overwhelming with so many brands and colors to choose from! Color is not pigmented logically. And what you see in a store will look different in your home or office with your existing furniture, accessories, and lighting! Colors Matter will come to your home or office and work with your preferences to create depth, warmth, and balance with the right color. Color does matter, and can change the emotional feel of a room, promote healing, and increase motivation. Call for a quote!

Interior Painting
Colors Matter has professional painters that will prepare, paint, and clean up your space better than when they arrived! Faux finishes on cabinets, fireplaces, and walls are also available. Samples of paint will be provided. Eco-friendly, low toxicity paints (see Eco-Friendly) are available to use and decrease allergies. Special pricing available for packages that include a Color Consultation.

Special Needs
Color affects brain waves and is a powerful brain stimulus. Colors can change the ability to learn and increase memory. Color can also evoke emotional and aesthetic qualities. Through the use of color, children with cognitive overload can learn easier. As a communication tool, color can promote a positive, calming effect on the child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down’s Syndrome, ADD, ADHD, and Asperger’s Syndrome.

Color can also enhance the physical healing process and create positive mental well-being. Patients of Alzheimer and chemotherapy have shown improvement in a colorful room.

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