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Nikki Seal

The Real Paintbox Company
Work St Marys Courtyard Church Street Caine Wiltshire SN11 0QZ United KingdomWork Phone: 01249 720157Website: The Real Paintbox Company


I work with homeowners who want to get the paint colours for their home just right and don’t want to spend lots of money on tester pots to achieve this. They may know what colours they want and just need help finding them, or they may require me to work more closely with them to explore the colour options that will suit them and their home.

Clients can either come to my showroom where they can explore hundreds of paint colours, view real paint samples and walk away with real paint samples to assess in their own space (we never expect clients to buy tester pots as we find them inefficient)

Or, if they want more help then they can either come and see me out of hours at the showroom when I can give them one 2 one guidance on their colour options

Or, I can visit them in their own home and provide a full colour service providing an assessment of their space, personal style, own design ideas and existing furnishings, working with them to develop a full colour palette that will harmonise the room and work with the rest of their home/

This can save a lot of time, money and hassle in the long run when you consider that people can buy upwards of 8 or 10 tester pots to choose 1 colour. I had 1 client who had purchased 40 tester pots before finding me! That’s over £200 worth and she still hadn’t found the right colour. We worked together to find out what she really wanted, sourced it for her, sampled it and were able to specify the perfect colour almost immediately.

Clients who have experienced difficulty choosing colours in the past really appreciate how working with us can simplify the process, save them time and achieve much better, more guaranteed results.

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St Marys Courtyard Caine Wiltshire SN11 0QZ United Kingdom