Cultural Color Schemes Right For Today

Whether you travel abroad or simply appreciate global style from the comfort of your own corner of the world, adapting cultural color schemes and design elements can transform your indoor and outdoor spaces.

A desire to reinvigorate our lives and living spaces is satisfied by colors from cultures around the world. From Africa, to Turkey, to South America and Mexico the colors are bright, intense hues have mellowed with age. This allows you to have an intensity of color without

Cultural Color Schemes: Turkish Style

Turkish Tile Art

Cultural Color Schemes: Moroccan Design

The colors are vibrant enough to catch our attention and lift our spirits but with less of a feeling of whimsy. Colors like deep-sea turquoise, hillside green, curry orange and golden yellow look as at home here as they do in their native setting.

Tile from Moroccan Furniture Decor

Cultural Color Schemes: Mexican Motifs

You can find these colors in new and old ceramic tiles that are as diverse as the cultures that call them their own. Let the patterns and color palettes be your inspiration for an outdoor living space with global style.

Mexican Tile from Terra Artesena

Using a palette of jewel tones rooted in cultural traditions from around the globe gives your home a timeless quality with a strong sense of place in the world even if you only venture as far as our own backyard.

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