Classic Color: 4 Steps to Timeless Décor

The classic look. The finest homes. That traditional and elegant feel isn’t something you can only get by looking at glossy magazine covers. You can create that same mood in your own home easily and affordably by simply choosing the right colors.

Start creating that time-tested atmosphere in your room today with these five classic color tips:

  • Darker shades are a great way to convey an established old-world feel. Incorporate deep tones of gold, blue, green, or purple for a truly timeless feel. You might also choose colors like navy, hunter green, and burgundy, which top designers frequently use to convey style and refinement.
  • You need not worry about your traditionally decorated room being stuck in the “dark” ages. Consider adding a contemporary touch by using rich jewel tones, such as sapphire, teal, turquoise, amethyst, or emerald. These can add a brighter tone that lightens the room while retaining an elegant mood.
  • ​Remember, classic colors and styles don’t mean you need to reject any hint of the trendy. Add splashes of trendy colors in the form of accessories. This strategy allows you to have the traditional overall feel you want while giving you the opportunity to regularly switch out pieces that find their way onto the “out” list.
  • ​Consider using local history to guide your traditional color choices. If you live in the Southwest, for example, choose colors that convey the area’s past, such as shades of green, orange, and yellow. Dashes of turquoise are also a great way to add a color that’s classic for that part of the country. The next time you drive around town, take a look at the area’s historic homes to find color schemes that inspire you.
  • If you find comfort in traditional colors and décor, don’t limit that feel to formal areas like living rooms or dining rooms. It’s easy to evoke a classic mood in a bedroom or bathroom. For example, combine refined colors with a four-poster bed and detailed wood bureaus to create the kind of bedroom you’ll love to spend time in.

Fashion that classic feel you love so much right in your own home. By choosing traditional colors and the right accessories, you can evoke the elegance of eras past.

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