Black and White Doesn’t Mean Dull

When it comes to color, paradoxically enough, there’s nothing more striking and dramatic than black and white in a room. How could it not be when the basic facts stand – white reflects light and dark absorbs it?

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Not only can a simple black and white color scheme appear ‘orderly’ but the simplicity of it can also provide a much-needed sense of calm in today’s fast-paced world. Black and white interiors can also lend, not simply a ‘clean’ look to a room, but also some added sophistication and elegance – which means it looks great in retro apartments in particular. The color scheme can also provide a ‘playful’ and edgy look to a room, such as a black, white and grey bathroom with the bold fuchsia cabinets that enhance the dramatic look

Add in a few bright cushions and vases/picture frames and you have a whole new startling and rather dynamic look (and, in fact, any bright color would work well here). That’s because it draws the eye to focus on the spot of color.

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If you’re looking for warmth in the room then consider adding red or yellow. If your preference is for drama then its purple or electric blue you should be looking out for.

Designers famous for their love of black and white included the fashion queens Coco Chanel and Mary Quant. Meanwhile homeowners who want to stick with mainly black and white will want to give some thought as to how they plan to use the scheme overall before buying new furnishings.

It’s a good idea, for instance, for those who are not a fan of the overly-dramatic or dynamic themes, to have more white than black. That’s because painting the walls white allows more light to come in and gives the room a far more airy feel.

Then again, of course, there are those who prefer that ‘life on the darker side’ touch; black can look particularly stunning and inspiring, especially when the finish is glossy.

Try and avoid putting too many dark pieces together as this could make the room look a little on the oppressive side. Instead just tone in with the odd piece of dark furniture. And don’t forget about black and white pattern. It is a great way to add this scheme to any room and can lend a feminine or historical appeal to your décor.

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