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Kate Smith is an optimistic, expressive, artist, designer, writer and color fanatic. With her warm and witty style, Kate teaches you to clearly see, understand and be inspired by color. Then she guides you step-by-step to develop your own unique color sense-ability and achieve results you never dreamed possible.

On Trend In One Industry, Outdated Color In Another

Read Time: < 1 minute Just as Apple releases orange as their latest and greatest color addition, folks in Wales see it as outdated.Cardiff Bus, the dominant bus operator in the Welsh capital Cardiff and the surrounding area, will scrap its orange brand buses when it phases out the last vehicles in the summer, in favor of environmentally friendly, low-floor […]

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Born on a Blue Day

Read Time: 2 min Morley Safer, on the television program 60 minutes, met savant Daniel Tammet, who is called ‘Brain Man’ in Britain. Unlike most savants, he has no apparent mental disability and, most important to scientists; he can describe his thought process. He may very well be a scientific Rosetta stone — a key to understanding the brain.In […]

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Color Names Communicate Calm…Not!

Read Time: 2 min You may not be aware that color names communicate a message, but they do. Color names change how we perceive a product making it essential that the descriptive color names match the aspirations a person has for purchasing a product. Here is what happens when they don’t.

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Katie Couric Colors

Black White Outfit Analysis: Katie Couric Debut

Read Time: 3 min I could have paid attention to her journalist expertise, savvy skills as an investigative interviewer, or that I was watching a woman break through the most significant barrier in her career. Instead, what enthralled me most was what colors she chose to wear for the occasion.

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Title - Book Review of Dyeing to Knit

Dyeing to Knit Book Review

Read Time: 2 min Dyeing to Knit has beautiful photos, pleasing color combinations, design ideas, and fun techniques that you can pour over for hours. See some of the gorgeous images that are inside.

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Title - Is There Any Truth Behind This Color Myth?

Green M&Ms Myth

Read Time: 2 min By the time most kids hit junior high they’ve heard that green M&Ms are an aphrodisiac. We need to know if there was any truth to this tale.

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