Men’s Business Colors

By Kate Smith | Fashion & Beauty Colors

Read Time: 3 min Evolution in the realm of fashion has brought about countless new color freedoms and opportunities for men. When a man knows how to utilize color, he can create a signature style that reflects his personality and makes him look his absolute best. Increasing numbers of men have started to take charge of their outfit and […]

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High Key Low Key Colors

By Kate Smith | Color Theory

Read Time: 4 min Every design project is a balancing act. Designers must manage an array of elements – composition, color, lighting, function, shape, and texture – in order to create a cohesive, compelling space. Whether you’re tackling a small scale room remodel or you’re designing an eye-catching poster, one of the biggest challenges both professional and amateur designers […]

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Louise Nevelson Quotes About Color

By Kate Smith | Color Quotes

Read Time: 3 min Louise Nevelson was an American sculptor known for her monumental, monochromatic, wooden wall pieces and outdoor sculptures. Her sculptures appear puzzle-like, with multiple intricately cut pieces placed into wall sculptures or independently standing pieces, often 3-D. A unique feature of her work is that her figures are often painted in monochromatic black or white. Although there aren’t […]

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Eye Love You

By Kate Smith | Color Psychology

Read Time: < 1 minute Do your lover’s peepers say eye love you? According to the Eyecare Trust finding your perfect match could be as simple as looking into a potential suitor’s eyes! Eye color is one of the major subconscious rules of attraction. Generally speaking we choose partners with a similar eye color to ourselves or people whose eyes are akin […]

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