Bauhaus Color Theory

Bauhaus Color Theory

By Kate Smith | Color Theory

Read Time: 5 min We think of color as transcendent – a language of sorts that signifies independent of cultural differences, time period, or aesthetic movement. Color is a powerful tool that permits designers to influence mood, compose spaces, and even make profound statements. We accept these truths about color, but we don’t often take the time to examine […]

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The Saguaro Palm Springs

By Kate Smith | Color Around the World

Read Time: 2 min If you said, “Palm Springs”, until recently the first things that popped into my head after beautiful surroundings and nice weather were golf and old Hollywood. Considering I’m a lousy golfer and not much of a gambler Palm Springs wasn’t on my mental list of “places I’d like to revisit” but today I officially welcome […]

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Bahia Bands Color Meaning

By Kate Smith | Color Meaning & Symbolism

Read Time: 4 min Good luck charms have been a part of religion and culture for centuries, often becoming fashion statements or fads. Brazilian wish bracelets known as Bahia Bands have a rich history spanning over 200 years and have recently become more popular throughout the world. Thought to bring the wearer good luck, each band’s color conveys a […]

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8 Ways Colors Can Help You To Reach Your Goals

Reach Goals With Colors

By Kate Smith | Color Psychology

Read Time: 3 min Do you have a list of goals you would like to achieve? If so, I’m here to support you with colors to help you stay motivated. Colors can positively affect your level of motivation and that can keep you moving towards your goals. Here are my quick tips for choosing colors that can help you […]

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