Your Certified Color Consultant Directory Listing

As a graduate of the Color Consultant Certification program one of my gifts to you is to provide an online directory. This has been a great opportunity for you to be found by customers looking for a color consultant. I have passed on many referrals to Color Consultant Certification graduates and have received feedback from others who have had people visiting my websites contact them directly at the Certified Color Consultants Online Directory (

Your Directory Listing

A basic entry is added when you graduate from the program. Please update your entry and add as much information as possible to your listing. This will help people to get potential clients interested in working with you and get them to connect you.

How To Update Your Certified Color Consultant Directory Listing

You need to login to the directory site with your same username and password. If you have changed your password you may need to reset it on the directory site. I recommend you keep your log in information the same for both. Please use the “Lost your password?” link to recover your username and/or password.

Please confirm that your name, title and company name are listed as you would like


Add a picture of yourself.


Please add your logo, an image of your work or a picture of you. This needs to be sized to 150 px x 225 px. If you need assistance we can help.


Since many of you work out of your homes we have listed your city, state/region, zip code, and country but have not included your street address. If you have a public location for your business or would like to show your full address, please add your street number and name when you update your listing.

If at anytime you relocate to a new state, province or country please let us know so that we can make sure your listing shows up in the right place in the directory.

Phone Numbers

Add your best number(s) where a potential client can reach you.

Email Addresses

Add your best email where a potential client can reach you. You email address will show in your listing but the site has a feature that does not allow Internet bots to capture your email automatically.

Messenger IDs

I would not add messenger IDs since this y

Social Media IDs

There are many social media links that you can add. If you use any of these social media sites for your business we recommend that you add the links to your page.


Add the link to your website and/or blog.

Target – New Window No Follow

Check – Assign link to the image

Check – Assign link to the logo


Certification Date

Biographical Information

Add information about you and your credentials.


Add information about your services.



Add Your Own Color Commentary


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