Colorful Total Lunar Eclipse

The first total lunar eclipse in 2 1/2 years is expected to begin at about 5:30 p.m. Atlantic time on Saturday, March 3, 2007. The moon will be seen best (or maybe I should say not seen) by those along the east coast of the United States and Canada, as well as South Africa, Europe, and much of Asia.

Colorful Total Lunar Eclipse

The main shadow will begin to cross the moon and the moon will continue to get darker until it disappears at about 6:44 p. m. Atlantic time. The moon will not reappear until around 9:14 p. m.

Just before the moon disappears, its color usually changes to a red or deep orange; the color varies because it is caused by refracted rays of red light passing through the earth’s atmosphere that bathe the moon in color. The hue and depth of color depends on the amount of dust in the atmosphere, with the main contributor to the deepness of red being the amount of volcanic ash.

Lunar eclipses, unlike solar eclipses, can be watched safely with the naked eye – so no need to worry about enjoying the show!