Productive Palette: How Color Can Influence Workplace Behavior

You might blame a lack of motivation at work on the previous night’s sleep or the project you’re on or a droning series of meetings. But what about color? The color that surrounds you during your work day plays a bigger part in your productivity than you might imagine. The reason why is that color has a profound effect on the brain, causing it to feel tranquil or depressed, hungry or excited.

For workspaces, that means some colors are better suited to the goal of some spaces than others. For example, blue tends to engender feelings of tranquility and calm, making it a good companion for brainstorming areas. White, on the other hand, obviously offers spaciousness that’s enviable for creativity. How you use color will help determine how well various spots in your office work to their intended goal. Want more advice on color in the workplace? Use this graphic for some ideas.