Green Color Ink Evokes Memories

Green Color Ink And Memory

Color has this incredible ability to evoke memories.  Sometimes we’re not aware of what’s going on in the back of our mind but have a strong like or dislike for a particular color.

Other times a color, or maybe more correctly a color in a specific context, can take us through the millions of images in our mind and locate exactly where we’ve seen that color before.  Recently I was reminded of just how powerful this phenomenon is.

Recently I have received several emails from someone who uses a green font and whenever I read his messages I find my mind calling up images of my father’s handwriting in the green color ink he loved.

You see my dad always loved to write with ballpoint pens or flair markers with green color ink.  It quite literally became his signature color.

So although the context is a bit different when I see the green font it so clearly brings my father’s handwriting into my mind that even many years after his death I can see his signature as clearly in my mind as if I was looking down at it on a piece of paper right in front of me. Amazing isn’t it?