Volkswagen Color Trends Indicative Of Auto Paint Direction

Consumers have never had more color choices for their vehicles than they have today.

A great example of the color explosion that is going on is Volkswagen. VW buyers are offered more than 360 color finishes and variants, making it is easy to spot new color trends.

Jetta Volkswagen Color Trends

Black – from basic to metallic to pearlescent – is a classic among VW owners. However,the Volkswagen color trends in silver are the ones to watch. Many new shades including Volkswagen’s new Ice Age metallic finish and sleek, elegant Candy White are cutting edge looks.

Beetle Volkswagen Color Trends

Not all of VW’s color trends are about looking forward. The New Beetle is offered in classic and pastel tones that have historical references, which seems like a perfect palette for the VW model, since it also dips back in time for its body style.

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