Color Forecast: What Is Trending Right Now In Paris, Milan and Antwerp?

Back in the day when I was doing trend forecasting in the corporate world I spent many a day observing people on the streets. We knew from years of research and experience where to find the influencers. The locations of our trends trips were closely guarded because we knew that with keen observation we could get a pretty good idea of what the next big thing was going to be. We wanted to beat our competitors to market. That was back in the day when information was scarce making it a valuable commodity.

Color Forecast

Today, color trend information is everywhere. I really hit the mark when in 2001 I predicted that by 2010 color trend information would be readily available to everyone. Now Pimkie wants to add real-time information into the mix with the help of technology.The Pimkie Color Forecast analyzes webcam footage to provide infographics detailing current fashion trends in Paris, Milan and Antwerp.

Color Forecast Paris

As report on Springwise where I found the above image:

With the help of interactive artist and software developer Pedro Miguel Cruz, France-based fashion retailer Pimkie has set up webcams in the “most fashionable” areas of the three cities, the images from which are then put through a computer program. The program isolates the pixels that represent people by monitoring their motion over time – the environment stays still but people move across the image space. The color of these pixels is then logged and the data is organized and presented in an easy-to-understand way to visitors of the Color Forecast. Users can watch the live feed, see the most popular shades at different times of the day, week or month (in bar chart or pie chart form), or check Pimkie’s clothes recommendations for each city based on its most popular color. These recommendations can then be purchased through the Pimkie store. The video below explains more about the process behind the site:

Want to know what color to wear? Here is what Pimkie suggests:

What do you think? A fun and fashionable way to look at color trends or just a way for Pimkie to engage their consumers around their brand?