Savvy Women Think Outside The Pink Box

Savvy Women Think Outside The Pink BoxAttention, electronics retailers and manufacturers: The color pink is not the way to a womans wallet.

According to research by the Consumer Electronics Association and Oxygen Media, women’s interest in buying electronics and tech gadgets is increasing. And it’s not just because they can get these items in pretty colors.

While there’s nothing wrong with having myriad choices of gadget color, experts say what women want from their technology purchase goes beyond looks.

“Women want things to suit their needs, whether it’s electronics, a car, a kitchen appliance or piece of clothing,” says Laura Heller, a Chicago-based consultant on consumer electronics and editor of Entertainment Living. “We want them to work for us.” She adds that marketing to this demographic “has always been a challenge for an industry that’s born of technology.”

Kate’s Note:
Although not related to color, there was one stat that surprised me and clearly signals a change in attitude among women. According to Oxygen’s study, “77 percent of those surveyed said they would prefer a new plasma television to a diamond solitaire necklace.”

I may be an early adopter of technology but I’d still rather have the diamonds!