Blue Packaging Says Healthy Eating

Blue Packaging Says Healthy EatingOKI Printing Solutions, a company specializing in printing solutions, polled 100 weight loss club members last month to test a theory that health-conscious buyers are more likely to be drawn to foods in blue wrapping.

Survey results: 76% of those shown two brands of breakfast cereal, orange juice and a yogurt drink believed the blue packaged products to be the healthier choice.

In their press release, OKI Printing Solution quoted color psychologist Angela Wright. “The 76 per cent agreement rate comes as no surprise to me. Blue is not a natural food colour, however it can be wisely used in the marketing of low-fat foods as it encourages people to eat less,” she said.

“Blue is the colour of the mind and evokes a sense of responsibility, tending to encourage us to be on our best behaviour so unconsciously consumers believe the product is lower in fat than other brands,” she added.