How To Become A Better Trend Spotter Instantly

By learning to identify upcoming trends using simple yet effective techniques developed by a professional trend forecaster

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You Can Learn To Spot Trends!

But why should you want to spot trends?

One because it’s fun to be among the first to know just about anything.

Two because knowing what trends are on the horizon and which current trends will soon be outdated will give you the foresight to introduce colors, designs or products that will appeal to your customers and that can give you a competitive edge in any business.

As a trend spotter you will look at the influences behind what is coming next to help you see trends slightly ahead of the market. This is different than a trend forecaster whose job is to look at trend indicators and influences two to 7 years ahead of the market, anticipate their impact, and give their best guess about how a trend makes sense for their company or client in terms of developing new products or services.

Yes, you read that right. They guess. Trend forecasters are always guessing. A successful trend forecaster has the ability to weigh new information against what they know from years of experience and make recommendations that prove successful in the marketplace. In other words, the best trend forecasters are those who have proven that they are pretty darn good at guessing correctly.

In this course my goal is to help you to be much better at guessing, too. You will do that by understanding the basic trend forecasting process and what forecasters look for. You will then learn how you can adapt that process to meet your needs and be given a chance to try some trend spotting and get feedback during the class. By the end of the course you will have what it takes to be an awesome trend spotter!

Take a peek inside

inside the trend spotting classroom

The online classroom makes it easy to navigate though the coursework, complete the hands-on exercises and learn exactly what you need to know to become a better trend spotter now!

By the end of this course you will understand the basics of trend forecasting and be a much better trend spotter!

You will be able to:

  1. explain the difference between a fad and a trend.
  2. define what a trend is and how long a trend generally last.
  3. name several sources of the big trends that impact all industries not just color and design.
  4. identify areas of the world that currently have a strong influence on trends.
  5. give examples of how big events such as the Olympics, an election or even a blockbuster movie can influence trends.
  6. explain how and why the things we worry about can drive trends and give examples.
  7. show how new technology or technical advancements can spark a new trend.
  8. list ways that you can confirm that a trend you spotted is on target.
  9. give examples of the many things you can do to improve your chances of tuning into the latest trends correctly.
  10. edit the trends you spot and find the ones that are most important for you or your business.

We've put everything you need to know into 5 easy-to-understand modules!

Get Set For Trend Spotting Success
  • Your Action Plan
    You’ll begin by being introduced to the course and be given the road map for your success.
  • Private Trend Spotting Facebook Group
    Then you  will have the opportunity to connect with other trend spotters in our private Facebook group. It is a place for you to discuss the trends you are spotting and see what others are finding as well. We talk about it all — the fabulous, the functional and the far-out!
  • Your Trend Spotting Journal
    Next you will set up a system to keep track of what you find. You will learn how to gather and organize your images, ideas, samples and any thoughts you have about trend inspirations and influencers you are seeing.
Understanding The Trend Forecasting Process
  •  How Trend Forecasting Works
    Learning the basics of the process will help you to glean ideas from what you are seeing everywhere around you. Once you understand what to look for it and how to tune into what is going on in the world, it will be much easier to spot up-and-coming trends. It will also make it a great deal more fun.
  • Fad or Trend?
    People often refer to fads and trends as if they are one and the same but that is not the case. You will know how to tell the difference between a fad and a trend.
  • Trend Cycles
    Trends have a  lifecycle that impacts the designs it inspires and when a trend will be for your market and customers.
  • The Geography of Trends
    When it comes to trends all areas of the world are not equal in the amount of influence they have on what we will see in the future. Discover what areas of the world are most influential. They may not be what you think.
  • Start Trend Spotting
    Take what you have just learned and begin spotting trends. Then share with other trend spotters to get their feedback while you are learning to hone your skills.
Demystifying What Influences & Inspires Trends
  • The Complex Process of Discovering Trends Simplified
    After years as a successful trend forecaster I had a moment of clarity that allowed me to be able to explain the exact steps in my process in a way that anyone can understand and follow.
  • Eye Spy
    Learn how to spot trends inspired by something going on in another part of the world.
  • Emotional Intelligence
    Uncover trends influenced by things that you can’t even see.
  • Tune Into Technology
    Technology doesn’t just change what we produce, it changes our lives. Discover how technology drives trends.
  • Continue Trend Spotting
    Try these trend spotting techniques for yourself. Share what you discover and any “ah ha” insights you had along the way.
The Art of Being Aware
  • Learn To Be An Interested Observer
    Keep open to new ideas, soak up what is going on everywhere around you until you intuitively know when something is important, different or special.
  • Get Street Smart
    Trends start in the street as often as they do on the runway. Don’t miss what is going on outside the mainstream.
  • Be A Traveler
    Traveling will expand your cultural reference as well as your color repertoire. Grab you ticket for traveling virtually for a “next best thing to being there” experience.
  • Look To Other Industries
    See how trends in other industries influence what is going on in your market.
  • Explore Countertrends
    The countertrend may not be as big a trend but it may just be what the majority of your customers want. Find out why.
  • Let The Trends Come To You
    And don’t miss one of my favorites – how to pick up on many trends without ever leaving the comfort of your home or office.
From Insight And Inspiration To Final Idea
  • Fine Tune Your Trends
    Edit your ideas and images until you discover the trends that are most important for you and your customers.
  • Tell A Trend Story
    Take the viewer on a journey from big idea to the solution the trend provides and how you recommend using it in your market. Do your best to keep it simple so that everyone will be able to connect the dots along with you.
  • Create A Trend Board
    Visually present information about what is important and relevant about the trends you have spotted.


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    “Why these colors?”

    “Why now?”

    You can attend the live webinars or watch the on-demand replay at your convenience. You will have access to webinars online from the time they are posted through the end of 2016.

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Designers, artist and creative thinkers from all disciplines!

Innovators, inventors and idea people developing, managing or promoting products and services.

Leaders, managers, and executives focused on making sales and maximizing profits

Anyone who enjoys being in-the-know about trends.

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