Does A Woman Wearing Red Drive A Man Crazy?

It’s 1:30am here in Virginia but I have a good reason for still being awake.  I just got off the phone with George Noory the host of Coast to Coast AM.

Woman Wearing Red

He had seen the news story “Study says the woman in red drives the men crazy,” and wanted to know,  “Is it true?”

Since the results came as no surprise to me I confidently said “Yes!” and then shared some of the science behind the psychological effects of the color red.

Basically here’s what happens–

When we see red it sparks
the pituitary gland and in turn it sends a signal to the area of the adrenal gland that releases two hormones: epinephrine and norepinephrine each of which produces a chemical change in our body.


  • increases the heart rate
  • forces the contractions of the heart, which gets blood flowing
  • increases oxygen consumption
  • increases heat production throughout the body that may cause a person to perspire


  • has little effect on metabolic processes or cardiac output, but does cause our blood vessels to constrict, thus increasing blood pressure

In addition from a psychological standpoint red can:

  • Increases enthusiasm
  • Encourages action and confidence
  • Provides a sense of protection from fears and anxiety

Is it any wonder red is associated with love, sensuality, and romance?

What fun to talk to George live on-air.  If you’d like to hear the re-broadcast of last nights show or learn more about Coast to Coast AM visit their website.