The Return of Colorful Denim

For years jeans and other garments made from denim fabric have been restricted to blue shades – at least the ones considered to be in vogue. The tide is turning, however, and trendy fashion is favoring denim made in a rainbow of colors.

Above, left to right: Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Jada Pinkett, and Audrina Patridge.

Not since the early 1990s have we seen so much color in the denim market. The style started making a comeback, however, in 2007, when fashion icons like Rihanna and other celebrities started wearing bright-colored jeans. A front-runner color was the intense, lemony yellow seen below. It’s a beautiful color, but definitely not one to wear if you are trying to minimize the look of your legs!

Thankfully, as the trend has progressed several options have emerged, included those that are little kinder on the thighs.

Deep violet, purple, and indigo are good ways to experiment with color, while retaining the slimming benefit of dark hues. Even bright red and tourquoise can be flattering when you choose the right cut.

Try a relaxed fit or wide leg pair with neutral tops and simple accessories. When you’re experimenting with colored jeans, it’s also a good idea to keep your make up simple.


Fashion editor & wardrobe stylist Mary Egbula uses the shapes, motion, and most of all the color of apparel as her primary artist’s medium. Also publishing as Eighty Jane, much of her work seeks to go beyond aesthetics and discuss the social and cultural impact of fashion. She’s currently working on her first book, which was inspired by her blog, Find out more at

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  1. Color blocking helps to simplify dressing. I personally find it difficult to match wardrobe patterns together at times. Solid colors helps to simplify that.Love your color boards- it explains the concept clearly.

  2. tinagleisner says:

    I’m having fun learning more about color. It’s taken me years to get comfortable with yellow which is a good thing now, as what you’re talking about here will find it’s way into our homes soon.

  3. Hernandez says:

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