The Best In Color: October Week 2

100daysAnd We Thought We Were Obsessed: I had always heard that peoples reactions to colors stems from their own personal experiences.  Well San Francisco based Graphic Designer Rachel Berger partakes in a little colorful journaling and in her own way explores this very theory.  As part of Michael Bierut’s The 100 Day Art Project ( through Yale University’s School Of The Arts) Berger put 100 different color chips into a bag, pulled one chip out a day and proceeded to write down the first thing that the color made her think of.  She picked her 40 favorite chips and rememberances and has posted them for all to read on  Pretty cool…a little self run color therapy. I couldn’t help but notice that some times the name of the color helped to trigger the memory…being a total sucker for color names myself, I have to wonder how different a few of her reactions would have been without them.

ralph-lauren-palette-threeThe Palette Of Twilight: Dwell magazine’s founder Lara Deam’s third paint palette based on Le Courbusier’s Polychromie Architecturale has been released.  Using Ralph Lauren colors, Deam has based her choices for this palette based on the colors she believes create a calming and peaceful effect and give the illusion of a blurring of colors. Perfect for a room with lots of shadows at twilight ohh, I love that description! Check out her video where she talks more about her palette’s inspiration on


Maybe file this one under the Best and Worst in color from Vogue magazine this week: Vogue magazine has always taken pride in it’s long history of pushing the boundaries when it comes to the fashion as art.  They also have been big supporters of the modern day working artist- often featuring them and their work on the pages of their various sister magazines throughout the world.  Over the past 6 years Vogue (US) has asked artists to explore the subject matters of self- portraiture, nudes, still life and most recently the landscape painting. Bringing together artist like Jeffery Koons, Elizabeth Peyton, Francesco Clemente and William Wegman ( who is quoted in the November issue as saying “landscape painting is ‘easy’, something he does when he is feeling lazy”) the magazine has curated a show exploring their unique visions.  The works will be on displayed at the Park Ave. Armory in NYC from Oct. 30- Nov. 15.

Now onto the pushing the boundary-side of things.  The current issue of French Vogue is causing quite a color controversy this week.  In a fashion spread styled by the French Editor-in-Chief Carine Rotifeld ,the very pale and blonde model Lara Stone is photographed posing in a 14 page spread made up to look as though she is black. Hum, pushing the limits artistically or just trying to get the magazine some attention? After lots of recent chatter about the lack of black models on this season’s catwalks around the world, their timing and questionable taste couldn’t be worse.

invisible-manTalk About Having An Eye For Color Matching!- This has got to be one of the coolest photography projects I’ve ever spotted.  The Invisible Man is Chinese performance artist Liu Bolin, who paints himself to blend into the world around him so that he seems to be virtually disappearing before your very eyes.  He claims that no trick photography was use.  Check out all of the images and let me know how long it takes you to spot him in the very last one! ( Took me 3 viewings).

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