How Red & Green Became the Colors of Christmas

Tweet This article about the meaning and symbolism of Christmas red and green was originally posted for Christmas 2008. If I say “Christmas colors” I bet red and green instantly come to mind but have you ever wondered how these two colors came to represent our most celebrated holiday? Like any longstanding tradition there are […] Read more »

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The Colors of China

Tweet Last month, my mother and I traveled to China. It was an amazing trip; China is indescribable and fascinating, surprising, unexpected, controversial, complicated, impressive and moving – a world of superlatives and contrasts. China is a great and vast nation with an ancient culture of major historical importance. Marco Polo explored China seven centuries […] Read more »

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Did Purple Send a Message at the State of the Union Address?

Tweet That was the question du jour on the morning after President Obama’s State of the Union address so I wasn’t surprised when Georgea Kovanis of the Detroit Free Press called me to get a bit of expert insight.Did the color send a message at the State of the Union address? “Color sends a message,’” […] Read more »

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Colorful Rajasthan: Jodhpur, the ‘Blue City’

Tweet I continue my exploration of the Colors of India with a stop in Jodhpur. Here a sea of aqua blue houses is beautifully juxtaposed against the dry browns of the desert that surrounds it. But beautiful blue is only one of the many colors that you will find in Jodhpur. Journey along with me […] Read more »

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Be InspiRED by passionate reds

Tweet RED is a sizzling color full of symbolic meanings and many hues. Whether you prefer scarlet, crimson, maroon, ruby, rose or tomato, there is a shade for everyone. Shanghai wallpaper from Jaima Brown Home Red creates the perfect accent for any space when paired with timeless neutrals like brown or cream. Read more »

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